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23 novembre 2022

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Sharir Rachana Vigyan Pdf Free

finally the third part deals with the practical aspects of sharir rachana. in this chapter, the author has tried to explain the possible modalities of sharir and their various variations. in this chapter, the reader will get to know the various modes of sharir by which the body is rejuvenated. further, the chapter gives an introduction to the concept of ‘samprati’ or ‘karmasamprati’ in the context of sharir. it also deals with the concepts of ‘bhaisajya’ and ‘vibhajya’ and how they are associated with sharir.

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it is a collection of the following chapters:
1) five principles of sharir rachana
2) how to write a good checklist
3) the elements of a vigyan
4) principles of rachana shaareera
5) the elements of rachana shaareera

as the name itself implies, sthayi is the text. sthayi is the text on sthayi. this text on sthayi has been composed and compiled to explain the principles of the sthayi. this book on sthayi is intended for the purpose of personal studies of students and teachers alike. it is the perfect companion for the book on sthayi, vayu and prana by the same author and therefore should be used as a companion to that book. the book on sthayi, vayu and prana has been written in an unbiased and free style and therefore does not contain any of the usual preface and afterword by the author. therefore, it is not recommended that the book on sthayi, vayu and prana be used as a companion or reference book to this book on sthayi. this book on sthayi, vayu and prana is a self-contained book with its own introduction and conclusion.

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dravya sharir is that part of ayurveda dealing with the principles of treatment of dravya (substances) with their medical action. dravya sharir deals with the proper selection of the dravya and the use of the dravya that can be used for the treatment of the diseases. it also deals with the principle of aseity (without admixture) or using the dravya in conjunction with other drugs to treat the diseases.

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