O Livro De Cain Pdf !NEW! Download

23 novembre 2022

O Livro De Cain Pdf !NEW! Download


O Livro De Cain Pdf Download

buoyed by the writing career that made her the darling of the new york times, the art of living is susan cain’s heartfelt, in-depth look at the human condition and the life lessons we all need to master in order to live fully and deeply. in this empathetic and inspiring book, new york times bestselling author susan cain takes us on a heartfelt and insightful journey to help us understand our secrets, uncover the art of living, and transform our own lives for the better.

cain is brilliant and funny, perhaps because she (almost) lives as an extrovert, and has experienced both extremes. this is a book for anybody who wants to be comfortable with themselves. the book does not give you advice on how to deal with a shy or a neurotic person – the advice is to just be kind and honest with them. cain also gives good advice on how to deal with a manager or boss who is bossy or perhaps manipulative or mean.

who among us hasn’t wrestled with the question of whether they are a leader or not? through engaging and witty stories and compelling real-life examples, cain reveals the complex but clear blueprint for both success and leadership through what she calls “strength of character.” a higher loyalty is an essential resource for anyone looking to build loyalty, to become better leaders, and to lead an organization that values integrity. here, in an influential and accessible new voice, we find that our deepest, most elemental drives—and the qualities that make a leader—are the same ones that most visibly represent who we are.

the title of this book is not the usual one people associate with it. it is not so much about making life better as about helping people to embrace life. life is not meant to be endured, but enjoyed, enjoyed with both great pain and great pleasure, with difficulty, with wonder, and even with awe. in a funny, light-hearted style reminiscent of samuel beckett and yes the new yorker, the art of living is the most valuable book on happiness that i have ever read.

in her observations of the brothers, cain, her father and even her mother, she identifies a key theme that informs her next questions and her own life to come. it is the great gift of confidence versus self-doubt.
cain explores the fundamental difference in how the men of her heritage saw the world, as a game or a challenge. because of the high value placed on women and children, the two cultures acted on the premise that their lives were not worth as much as the lives of their fathers or brother. she believes that this self-esteem strongly influenced education, job expectations, and even how these men made decisions. she also connects this belief to modern american life.
a challenge is something worth striving for. a game is the kind of thing you play to see who wins. cain believes that being « wired for people » contributes to this phenomenon. children are taught to make eye contact and to focus on their own interests. this behavior does not align well with the culture of having no respect for others.
« i believe this is why american children are far more apt to play alone or to compete than to collaborate in school. i have a hard time imagining a third of my kids, all of whom are going to be married in two years, sitting around a table writing an essay together, » she writes.  
it is deeply concerning to the author that this « mentality » comes into play when it is least expected. « i have seen this kind of disconnect show up in areas like collaboration on a school project, a marriage, a team of friends working on a business, » she writes. « in all three of these examples, there is an assumed competitiveness that must be overcome. 


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