Jutty Ranx – I See You Acapella [HOT] ⚪

23 novembre 2022

Jutty Ranx – I See You Acapella [HOT] ⚪

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Jutty Ranx – I See You Acapella

The final of three songs is a double E-P ‘s worth. The title track plays with the German verb « erleben » which means to experience, and Jutty Ranx has put together a great and bittersweet twist on the word.

Ryan Malina – from the word go, Jutty Ranx has a live presence. It’s apparent when they open for acts like Blondfire or Marina. They even blew my mind at their first live event, when they finished their set with two sets of original music, getting a personal validation from the crowd that they were doing something right. During the creation of their album, they did a lot of writing and rehearsals to learn songs, which is a big part of their live show. While their live sound is high energy, it still has the same groove and excellent musicianship that makes it have a more laid-back feel that I’ve heard from other live acts. But they truly are a live band, with the second half of Discordia being able to sound comparable to a live show.

Without a doubt one of the top releases of the year, Jutty Ranx deserves to be on the charts. With their new tracks and energetic live shows they are going to explode on the scene and even lay some tracks down. They truly are a band that is helping the scene grow into something much bigger and beautiful. It’s admirable that they didn’t have to sell out the club because their music is so catchy that the people just want to dance and have fun. Let us not forget to give them much more exposure and take them to the next level.

Jutty Ranx has gained a massive fan base for their brand of music. Their infectious sound of Electronic Pop has a real authenticity not only to their amazing lyrics but their true passion behind their music. The beats are not over-produced and even though it is quite hard to understand whats being said in some of the songs, the lyrics and songwriting are set to captivate you. Heres a video of one of their songs:

Jutty Ranx’s first release as a duo was through the Chet Faker vinyl and CD series on Relapse Records. The street quality of the next two releases cemented its position as one of the most unique talents in the electronic music scene today. The band shot right to the top of the charts and has earned a loyal worldwide following for its signature style and infectious sound. In 2016, after a hiatus from the live performance scene, Jutty Ranx released a self-titled EP.
This is how every new wave video of the late 80s and early 90s would start: literally. We start off with a leather jacket and leather jacket. The scene is punk, the music is hardcore and the audience (and the person behind the camera) are almost always female. But, like the time-honored tradition of breaking a rule or two, the band was just that little bit more punk. Jutty Ranx have definitely defied that box. The multi-talented duo of Mikael Blom and Jutty Ranx, can craft a tune and bring it out with such simplicity. The authenticity of their sound is etched on the hearts of the people who enjoyed their two previous singles. Crystaly, Do Not Fail, Remember, and I See You. Their style is a true throwback to the time when rock bands would use the classical instruments of a piano and violin to give songs a little extra kick. However, these days, that would not fly to the ears of those who are influenced by the electronic genre.
The undeniable debt they owe to the 80s synthwave movement is also undeniable. Tapping into a new generation’s love for the early 90s heyday of that time, Jutty Ranx has most certainly reinvented the genre that has inspired a new generation of listeners.


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