Equipping Overhaul Skyrim Special Edition 👑

23 novembre 2022

Equipping Overhaul Skyrim Special Edition 👑

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Equipping Overhaul Skyrim Special Edition

if you want to make the most of your extra heavy armor, then this mod is the one for you. the ability to transform into a skeleton makes you an unstoppable force. equipping this mod means you can go from a regular human to an unstoppable weapon of war. if you’ve ever wished you could strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, then this mod will help you do just that.

one of the coolest aspects of skyrim is the ability to actually do and be anything you want to be. with this mod, you can become the person that the world needs you to be. this mod helps to give you even more control over your appearance as you make the choices that fit your character. you can have tattoos that show your faith or the evil symbols of the undead. if you’ve ever wished that you could have a dragon sitting on your shoulder, then this mod will help you make that dream a reality.

skyrim is now a standalone game with the release of the special edition. no longer will you be restricted to the confines of the vanilla game. now you can buy the game and play on your own terms. if you’ve ever wanted to be a vampire, then this mod is for you. there are many in the skyrim mod community who have changed themselves physically to better serve the needs of their fans. this mod does a good job of allowing you to do the same.

skyrim is a great game, but it is missing a few aspects. the world of skyrim is a beautiful setting, but it lacks the elements that would make it perfect. fortunately, the modding community has provided solutions for nearly any problem that you could think of. there’s a companion mod that can help you make your skyrim experience even better.

Open Wrye Bash allows you to switch from your warrior’s armor to your mage’s robes without the hassle of un-equipping your entire set of armor. You can choose between all the armor and weapons as well as the magical blessings and tattoos that come with the robes. Imagine a mix between only being able to change your clothes and armor upon arrival in town and being able to switch them on the fly based off of where you go and what you are doing. This is why this mod is so great.
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