Almanya Welcome To Germany 1080p 11 __TOP__ 🚀

23 novembre 2022

Almanya Welcome To Germany 1080p 11 __TOP__ 🚀

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Almanya Welcome To Germany 1080p 11

the main characters in almanya represent four different generations of turkish people living in germany. the very first generation of turks have, obviously, grown up and gone to europe. the second generation of turks in germany have remained in germany, however, and look to the third generation, the turkish-born children and grandchildren, as the american dream of pulling up roots and getting a fresh start. the film looks at how the second generation is struggling with their traditions as they try to integrate into german society and still live up to the expectations of their parents, who remain as much a part of their lives as ever. the third generation has grown up with a certain degree of cultural superiority, and are even now beginning to think about their own future. are they conforming, as their parents did, or are they forging their own identities? this generation will, of course, continue to influence the fourth generation of turks coming up through the ranks.

cenk, the film centering on a six-year-old boy in a rural corner of germany, is of the fourth generation. born in turkey, he grew up in germany. in fact, he grew up in a city, wuppertal, in a region called boehmen-gelsenkirchen in germany where the film is set. and, although only focusing on the first six months of cenks life, you can certainly see, even at that young age, how he will continue to influence his parents. he will, like them, challenge and evolve his identity. he is the first generation of turks who will likely never return home, which means there will be no more grandparents to bring him back to turkey. as he grows older, his ties to the country of his forebearers will inevitably fade too. the film is clear on this in its final scene as we see cenk, a boy of six, re-acquainting himself with the youngest member of his family, canan, who is about to give birth. cenk touches his grandmas stomach, and asks, can i be a doctor? it is a clear indication of what is to come for this family over the next decade. as cenk will grow up and find his place in the world, the four turkish generations will all be there, but may no longer be able to tell which generation he belongs to. unlike tarkan, huseyin will no doubt be able to pass on his belief that a place feels like home, and cenks feelings of « i feel like my a**e belongs here » will change a little bit more each passing day.

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the principal conflict between the generations is rooted in the difference in historical consciousness between the generations. the grandparents are all too aware of their place in history and the role played by immigrants like themselves in germanys economic and cultural development. they are quick to give credit where credit is due and quick to point out the many limitations and pitfalls which their children still face. in contrast, the youngsters have a theoretical understanding of history, and often a very distorted or one-sided one at that. they are less interested in learning or sharing history as a shared process which enables people to better communicate and appreciate cultures they have no firsthand experience with. meanwhile, the grandparents are the ones that know what it was like to live with restrictions and which imposed hardships, hence the conflict. its impossible for the grandchildren to believe that their parents have simply lived in germany as tourists and not struggled under the weight of cultural expectations, since they didnt seem to have any understanding of history or immigrant experiences until recently. ultimately, the ironic and optimistic ending suggests that the younger generations can learn from the experience of the older ones. their ability to live harmoniously with each other has largely been a product of shared values as manifested in mutual respect for one other.

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