Igo Primo Exe Download UPDATED ☠

22 novembre 2022


Igo Primo Exe Download

Hi i have just download i go navigation software – It comes on an SD card. It has a auto start on the start up of the pc. But I when I open the SD card I get a message saying that the file is damaged.
You said it was not compatible with windows XP and vista. Do you have any other software that I could buy to use with windows xp and vista.
Can anyone suggest another software?

I have a samsung s4, and i’m a student and i need to navigate to and from my school, and running music through the speakers in the car. and my headphone jack is broken. you can download apps on my phone, and using Google maps navigation, but when the app starts to navigate i get to the desktop and then none of my applications are working. It’s probably because i’m using the phone’s battery, but i need to have apps that i downloaded on my phone to navigate. and music from the speakers. and the music stop when i get to the desktop. is there any way you could help me?

I have a version of Igo but it does not work with my SD card. It cannot read the map, so I can’t navigate it, only listen to the radio. And it says the file is damaged. Do you know of any other software that I can download. It’s very urgent. Can you help me out?

WCS has igo primo latest update version of 9.8 and sygic has igo primo latest update version of 13.2.2. If you can use any of these, then do nothing. If you have a WinCE or Android system, then do nothing also. If you have an old head unit with android 4.4 or 5.1 system, then it should be the same for the old sygic.

If you have an old Android 4.4 or 5.1 head unit, then do nothing. If you have a latest Android, then do nothing. Most of the customers have a latest Android system. In that case, the igo primo software should be working fine, but the igo primo maps should be updated.

I brought an aftermarket car mp5 radio with gps. It came with IGO maps on an SD card but it doesnt work when I put the NAvi path to PRIMO software and start navigation, it starts to load and then stops. I was told that maybe its because the maps are not up to date or an issue with SD. After searching on the internet for a solution I found your website and you say if I email you I can get a link to reinstall the software with updated MAPS
This is a common question of how to install or update igo maps on car navigation. Most aftermarket car navigation comes with igo primo maps already installed, so you may need igo primo update maps after a year or earlier. While if your car navigation doesnt have any maps installed, you will need igo navigation software download for car on a SD card or the internal storage.
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