Hazrat Musa Story In Urdu Pdf Free [BETTER] ✴️

22 novembre 2022

Hazrat Musa Story In Urdu Pdf Free [BETTER] ✴️

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Hazrat Musa Story In Urdu Pdf Free

the ladies were not able to go away from him because they were afraid of the musa’s brothers, so they stayed in the shade of the tree and waited for him to leave. when they became certain that he had left them and was nowhere in sight they knew he must have forgiven them and told each other they would return to their homes, but they remained in the shade of the tree.

the people of musa’s home were still shouting at the top of their voices, and all the people of the city were doing the same. from where they stood they could see the people of musa’s home and they could also hear their voices.

as musa (as) continued to walk around the tree he could see his family members who were still shouting at the top of their voices. he then saw his brothers standing a little distance from the tree. he called out to them, and asked them to listen to what his father was saying. his brothers were amazed to see their brother who they thought was dead, alive and standing in front of them. he told his brothers that he had forgiven them for what they had done to him. he told them that he had asked allah swt for forgiveness for what they had done to him and that his prayers were answered. he told his brothers to come to him and put their arms around him.

the brothers came and the family members embraced each other. one of the musa’s sons told his brothers not to fight for nothing, because the family of musa was in this city because of them. he advised them to return home, and help their father. his brothers agreed and returned home. musa (as) followed the brothers home. once the family members had left, musa (as) went back to his father who was still standing in the same place.

musa’s father then told musa he had forgiven him. musa (as) replied that he did not want his forgiveness, but he wanted to know if his father had forgiven him and the people of the city. musa (as) asked his father to go and ask the people of the city if they had forgiven him. musa (as) then told his father that he had heard that there was not a person in the city who had not forgiven him.
the father then went to the people of the city and asked them to repeat after him “we forgive you, musa, forgive you”. the people of the city repeated after him and then the father returned to musa (as) and told him that everyone had forgiven him. musa (as) thanked allah (swt) for all the mercy he has shown him and asked allah to keep him and his family safe from the evils of the world. musa (as) then asked allah to take care of his father and his mother. allah (swt) then told musa (as) that he was pleased with him and that musa’s prayer was answered.
imam musa (as) refused to accept this theory and the people were baffled. they had very little time to wait for the imam and their faith in him was ebbing away. he was about to leave the city and was preparing for his journey to jannat when he was informed that the emperor was coming to visit him. the people were looking out for the right moment to attack him and kill him. his life was in danger.
this did not put an end to the threat of attack on imam musa (as) as they knew that his family could not be left in the palace. the family went out through the back door, and, amid the confusion and noise of the attack, left the city and settled in a remote area of the desert.


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