FilterBank3 V3.4.0-R2R _BEST_ ⏩

9 septembre 2022

FilterBank3 V3.4.0-R2R _BEST_ ⏩


FilterBank3 V3.4.0-R2R

Tone2 FilterBank3 v3.4.0-R2R is a new filter plugin featuring an array of over 15 modelled filters with a variety of parameters for each filter type.
FilterBank3 – Finally, a VSTi that doesn’t play like Propellerhead’s own.Opinions & Ideas


Photo Gallery

An up-close look at the art behind our products

Our team photographed the details of our products to showcase the visual aesthetic quality of these couplers.

At MITD, we strive to provide the best couplers to the metalworking industry. As such, we painstakingly review the details in every coupling so you can rest assured that your couplers will last a lifetime. Click to view more pictures and details.

Introducing the MITD C-Meter.

The first of a kind interface created for faster and more accurate C-metering by the end user.

The MITD C-Meter is the first of its kind to allow you to quickly and accurately meter C in the most efficient manner, without having to go through all the steps necessary to perform a standard C-metering. Using a numerical keypad, you can quickly and accurately select the number of times you want the C-meter to perform the measurement. We know there has been a need for an accurate C-metering tool for a long time, but it was a challenge to make a tool for this purpose. All of the components we developed to make the C-Meter were done with one vision in mind – to provide a tool that provides results for the end user.

The C-Meter is extremely simple to use, but it has a lot of power behind it. Because of this, we developed a proprietary adapter that works with the C-Meter so that the end user can use any well know standard coupling standards.

The C-Meter is the best new product MITD has produced in the last 15 years.

MITD’s development team traveled to the Jobst Academy in Williston, North Dakota to test the accuracy of the C-Meter for the first time. With a final result of 99.5 % accuracy, we tested the C-Meter’s accuracy at scales ranging from 1/8″ to 6″ and found that the C-Meter easily out performed all of our previous C-metering tools. During testing,

Full Version-R2R..
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