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31 août 2022

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So, I have:
1) How do I know if the malware was taken over?
2) How do I know if it has been removed?
3) How do I know that it will not re-appear?
4) How can I find it?


1) How do I know if the malware was taken over?

You will know if you are infected when you see a popup or dialog asking you to pay a ransom (assuming that you are behind a router/firewall that would also prevent an infected machine from reaching the internet)
If you have access to the machine you could use a packet sniffer, such as wireshark, tcpmon, netcat, etc to sniff the traffic.

2) How do I know if it has been removed?

If you are behind a firewall that is on the default port, and the malware doesn’t use an encrypted protocol, then it would be possible for you to trace the traffic between the malware and your router/firewall.
That is essentially how we can determine if someone has hacked our router/firewall.

3) How do I know that it will not re-appear?

If the malware uses regular brute force on default ports, then you can firewall everything on your network and stop the malware.
If the malware uses a keylogger (a piece of malware installed on your machine that watches what you type and sends it to the hacker), then you can try using keylogger detection software (freeware that checks for any installed spyware) to see if the hackers used one.

4) How can I find it?

You can start by checking your router logs. It may also be in the C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp folder for your user.

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The user said he was using a VPN. That was going to be a headache. I decided not to press the case.

That is where I am stuck. If anyone has any suggestions?


A quick and dirty way is to search for the client IP on that website using the website’s search function.
In this case for your case, it’s

Good luck!

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