SkySim McDonnell Douglas DC9 FSXrar 🏴

30 août 2022


SkySim McDonnell Douglas DC9 FSXrar

Any side effects if i change it?
What i’m trying to do?
I’m trying to make a FSX native plane that’s specific to European airlines. I’ve seen many aircraft from this range, but none of them are usable in FSX so that’s why i’m trying to fix this.
Is there any mod of this plane which is full native FSX??
I will make it a full version of this FSX mod. As i said in the first post, if someone can make a full version of this mod that would be really nice. I’ll post the info about it in my first post.
What i’ve done?
I have uploaded the files that i have done.
I’ve made the windows installer. I haven’t made a Linux version yet since i’m planning to make a full version of this mod.
Thanks for reading and if you want you can still follow me on twitter.
Mikhail. I don’t know his name, i don’t know who the original creator of this plane is.


I don’t think the FSX version is complete – the nose and engines are plain white, and the tail number is only partially visible.
Here is the full DC-9 flying properly in the real world in AIRSIM. No extra mods required.

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To the very dedicated, my apologies for posting the same things over and over. My apologies to my friends and loyal viewers. Just the latest release from SkySimulations. It’s a remarkable piece of software, the Dc-9 is amazingly detailed and realistic. The Microsoft Flight Simulator X is the best available flight simulator PC gamers can obtain for their experience. Microsoft is very fast in finishing their designs and refining what is better for the PC player. I was given the opportunity to provide a serviceable computer so when Microsoft released a fantastic release for the PC the SkySim team set out to make the McDonnel Douglas DC-9…Hakuoki: Memories of the Past Coming to Steam in 2019

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How to deal with bureaucracy when a client is late to a project?

I’m working as a freelancer to build a mobile app. The project has a budget of 1000$, and is already a few weeks late, some times with my team it is almost 2 months, and in some cases over 6 months. This is out of my control, and I’m aware that it has to do with the project being « big » and « hard » to execute. The client is Brazilian, in São Paulo.
I had already sent an invoice when the project was done, and I still haven’t gotten paid. The client keeps saying that the contract only mentions 30$ as an initial deposit, and he wants the 1000$ before paying me. I just ask him to pay me the 1000$ right now, he won’t.
What can I do?
What can I tell him (keeping in mind that I’ll not accept to deal with the bureaucracy if he doesn’t pay immediately)?


Refuse the payment until you receive the 1000$
The next step would be to tell him that you will only accept payment after he has delivered the 1000$. He will most likely say « but this is not the deal! ». You can now say you are obviously happy to wait,

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