//FREE\\ Download Bink Register Frame Buffers 8 Rapidshare.rar

5 août 2022

//FREE\\ Download Bink Register Frame Buffers 8 Rapidshare.rar


Download Bink Register Frame Buffers 8 Rapidshare.rar

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Ruby- Error when sending email

Im trying to send emails from my school using our linux server.
when trying to send I get this error

in this line
Mail.deliver do
to ‘bobb@russpost.com’
from ‘bobb@russpost.com’
subject ‘Mail was sent’
body ‘hello’
sent_on Time.now.strftime(‘%m/%d/%Y %H:%M’)
content_type ‘text/plain’
headers’subject’ => « Mail was sent »

what could be the problem? thank you very much for any help.


In the body of your code you have
body ‘hello’

What you want is
body ‘hello world’

Also, as a general rule of thumb with mail, don’t put message logic in views.

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