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4 août 2022

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These lines in your code:
resp. Content-Encoding: gzip
resp. Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, br

Indicate that the server is gzipping the response.
I’d modify your code a little so that it just gets the request headers and not any data before attempting to unzip the content:
import bz2
import gzip
import re
import requests

def unzip_response(text):
«  » »
Take text from the response and unzip it
«  » »
if text is None:
return None
bytes = text.encode(‘utf-8′)
headers = text.headers
headers = headers.replace(b’content-encoding’, b », 1)
req = requests.Request(‘GET’, headers)
resp = requests.Session()
resp.get_response = lambda: resp
data = resp.urlopen(req).read(1024)
if b’content-encoding’ in resp.headers and ‘gzip’ in resp.headers[‘content-encoding’]:
content_file =‘utf-8’), ‘wb’)
content_file = bz2.BZ2File(text)
return content_file

def get_content_length(resp):
«  » »
Take the Content-Length header value of a response and return its
value as an integer. If the header is not present, or if the header
contains an invalid value, return None.
«  » »
if resp.headers:
header = resp.headers.get(‘content-length’)

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