Expert Choice 11.5 Free Free Download 95l

4 août 2022

Expert Choice 11.5 Free Free Download 95l


Expert Choice 11.5 Free Download 95l

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Subsonic: why do I get a null exception at this line of code?

Ok, so I have my own base class with a virtual method, which gets called in my derived class. Here’s the scenario:
protected virtual void Write(string entityName, string entityValue)
// This statement is causing the null exception
var entity = _repository.All().SingleOrDefault(e=>e.Name == entityName);

This statement is causing the exception.

Could not load type ‘e_a’ from assembly ‘e_a,
Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.

I have a DB table called e_a with a column called Name. I’m not sure if this is the issue or not.
I’ve instantiated the repository using the constructor
public MyContext(string connectionString, string providerName)
RepositoryConnectionString = connectionString;
RepositoryProviderName = providerName;


You are probably not going to be able to catch and handle this exception before it occurs. As such the best thing you can do is to add some exception handling around it so you can at least log/report it if it should ever occur.
This is of course assuming that this is a genuine exception and not something else, if it isn’t, you may need to handle this differently.

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