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31 juillet 2022


Unusual Findings is a hilarious single-player comedy adventure with elements of mystery and science fiction. In an attempt to teach the world about its terrible plight, the United Nations has crafted the most powerful virus in existence: SARSV-X. Spread by hand, it could destroy the entire world.

To stop the spread of SARSV-X, you must first stop the index finger of a protagonist afflicted by the virus. Are you prepared for the deadliest virus that’s ever come before?

Key Features:

Storyline: Unusual Findings is a comedy action adventure with memorable characters, and numerous plot twists.

First-Person Puzzles: With a first-person point-and-click interface and humorously-generated puzzles, you must use your index finger to solve puzzles in the real world.

Animal Manipulation: Unusual Findings allows you to influence the animals around you to help solve puzzles and even save your friends.

Superb Hand-Drawn Art: Unusual Findings’ hand-drawn art brings you straight into the story and its characters. Enjoy the characters’ facial expressions, the voice of the narrator, and the colorful background illustrations.

Consumable Items: You have various options for solving puzzles, all of which consume consumable items. Be sure to pick up items from the world around you.

Inventory System: You will be able to hold a variety of items throughout the adventure, including PDA and GameBoy Advance cartridges, tapes, and even a bone!

Innovative Database: From a detailed map of the game to a buildable database, Unusual Findings has many features to help you find your next clue.

Localized Game: Your hunt for the cure has been set in North America, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never see other locations in the world. Each time you finish the game, you will be able to access the credits screen with a new world.

This game was made as an experiment to see what kind of challenges I would be able to overcome with the Chrono Trigger engine, and it turned out fairly well. Full disclosure: I am not a graphic artist. I was able to hire an animator for the art, but I was the main colorist.

Story, gameplay and setting:

Starting from a relatively « silly » premise – the world is finally experiencing a spreading epidemic, and all we have to do to cure it is find the


Features Key:

  • Detailed maps of the towns
  • From a city to a countryside
  • The secret of the declining population


The Big Secret Of A Small Town License Key Full

The game is about a small town called Little House, it’s not very big, not even twice as big as the surrounding area. The town was founded in the 70s, and used to be a haven for robbers and criminals. But nowadays the town is very quiet, because the police has almost no unsolved cases. The only reason why the police is still around is because Little House has a high number of supernatural phenomenon. Ever since it’s founded more than 100 years ago, strange things have been happening in Little House, and the police is keeping an eye on it, but they have never found anything strange about it, nothing at all. Now, one of the strange phenomena takes place in the town and it demands the most urgent attention.

About the Game:

Explore the town, solve the crime and crack the mystery!

The atmosphere of the game is dark, eerie and mysterious. At times it will feel like you are in a cult. Little House has a very strange existence. It is the town that everyone avoids, but no one can escape it.

Why am I so fascinated by Little House? Probably because it has haunted me my whole life. It was always with me, even when I had left the place in the middle of my youth. Little House was there, it was with me everywhere, in movies and books and magazines. I could not enter the town without immediately being transported back in time. I couldn’t get away from that sensation. I was so scared of that place, but I couldn’t stop being fascinated by it.

The source of Little House’s mysteries is hidden in the past. When the town was founded, something happened that triggered a chain of strange events. What exactly happened is hidden in the game. The less important question is, what will you do about it? It is a scientific fact that in smaller towns than this one, strange phenomena can be found. The police can hardly be everywhere at once, so their main objective is to collect as many reports as possible, and solve all of the cases they can. After all, all this needs to stop. But the mystery remains…

Full Game Features:

5 hours of immersive and exciting gameplay.

Classic and award-winning point-and-click adventure game, with a twist.

A lot of mystery and fun.

A unique story that will stay with you after finishing the game.

Many original and unique characters


The Big Secret Of A Small Town

published:15 Feb 2015


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The Old Man’s Adventure is a point and click type adventure game where you play an old man who has lost his memory. You explore various locations and solve puzzles to try and find out what has happened.

published:06 Oct 2014


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