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31 juillet 2022


Ps2 Classics Placeholder

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Automate web scraping with Python using Selenium and BeautifulSoup

I am trying to automate web scraping with Selenium and Beautiful Soup.
So I’ve already written my code, but I can’t get it to work as I want.
I want to scrape the description of all of the items (which are in the description_text div) from all the Amazon Product Ads.
But here is my problem:

All the items will have a different number of star ratings and some of them can have the same rating as others.
The number of star ratings can vary from 1 to 5
Some of the ratings are in a different language than the others
Some items also have custom ratings (Customer Ratings), which are always placed between two asterisks.

I want to know:

How can I scrape all the products with their ratings and description?
How can I group all of the texts from one product together?
How can I save all of the texts (including the descriptions with all their stars, and all of the ratings) in a single file?

Here is the product I’ve been working with:

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