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31 juillet 2022

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Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD



A world torn by a war that has lasted for centuries. An endless cycle of revenge, prosperity and fear. As the years pass, a young prince is born to the royal family of Iduna, and holds a secret that may change the destiny of his people.
The prince’s name is Valdemar.
As the followers of the Crone and the Prophet rise up against him, Valdemar must embark on an unprecedented journey to unite the fractured nations of Iduna and rule as king, while building the empire that his people deserve.
The King is calling!

Important Notice: The downloads here are provided to you “as is” and we make no warranty as to their functionality or security. If you have any issues with downloading and installing the game, please notify us by email. Thank you.Astroblepus strauchii

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Features Key:


Lantern Of Worlds – The Story Of King Valdemar Crack With Key 2022 [New]

Lantern of Worlds – The Story of King Valdemar Cracked Accounts is the second in a series of short stories that will take the player through the life of Valdemar, the newly crowned king of Iduna. In the first part, the player gets to know Valdemar’s back story, as well as his positions in the royal court of Iduna, and his origin as a migrant from the Northlands.
In the second part, we see Valdemar take on the mantle of king, and the challenges that lie before him, as he sets out to be a leader in the most dangerous and uncertain of times.
Actions and Movement
Valdemar is a lead character, and will get to talk with the player in-game, giving a narrative to his actions, and movement.
The player can interact with, and play the role of Valdemar, using the UI elements and the controls of his player character, to make decisions, and progress the story.
Use the arrow keys to move Valdemar, and the D-pad to interact with objects and characters, and to push buttons.
Certain actions will prompt the character to talk. You can choose to agree with what the character says, or not. Dialogue options and choices are found after a button is pushed.
In order to progress, you will need to succeed in tasks. Progress will be tracked by a black progress bar.
Talk with multiple characters, and they will have dialogues with you. You can return to these dialogues at a later point, to decide whether you accept or deny their offer.
Dialogue options include accepting, denying, and skipping.
The player will have access to the following actions:


Use the UI and arrow keys to select dialog options.

Pull the throttle to climb and descend mountains.

Switch the gnome to slot-1.

Push the lever.

Push the buttons.

Use the D-pad to select dialog options.

Select Magic Belt.

Select Secret Book.

Select Wallet.

Use the Eye of Iduna to move the gnome, and to view the map.

Talk to the gnome to fill the bag and gain experience.

Use the arrow keys to select dialog options, as before.

Click to skip dialogues.

Move to another map view.

Drag the gnome to a new map view.

Use the button to skip dialog


Lantern Of Worlds – The Story Of King Valdemar Crack + Download [32|64bit] (Updated 2022)

Lantern of Worlds is a game with its own universe, where exploration is key to survival. You will start as a stranger in a strange land, trying to adapt to the world as you learn about it, find your way through the varied and dangerous landscape, and try to learn the magic that is necessary to survive. In the early stages of the game you will learn simple spells like fire, wind, teleportation and illusion, but as you progress you will discover more about the world and yourself, gaining new abilities to defend yourself and manipulate the environment to your advantage.Lantern of Worlds takes place in an invented fantasy world that is full of history, and lore, and secrets. You will be able to explore multiple biomes, where you can find locations and loot, and meet NPCs that will aid you in your quest, or hinder it. Each of these locations will have a story of its own that will unfold as you travel between them. Your story will progress alongside with the story of your companions and enemies, allowing you to share information between the two, and make the story of your journey personal to you.You will encounter multiple difficult foes and bosses, and be tested on your ability to fight, run, shoot, jump, and survive. There will be multiple challenges and puzzles you will have to overcome, and your story will be affected by what you learn about the world and yourself in the process.Lantern of Worlds is a game with no lack of content, and more content is planned for release, including multiple characters, locations, enemies, items, spells, and biomes. If you are interested in the lore of Lantern of Worlds, or want to make your own lorebooklets to be added to the game, the developer has an Art Book Template available for use.In short, Lantern of Worlds is an action RPG and roguelike, where you must use your wits and skills to survive, and learn the land, the secrets, and the magic it has to offer.An official version is planned for release in 2020, and is expected to be the first of multiple parts.

Instructions for installing content in Lantern of Worlds

To install the Story of King Valdemar booklet in Lantern of Worlds you must do the following:1. Download the file from the main site2. Unzip the content folder3. Copy the content folder, and all contents, to Steamapps\Lantern of


What’s new in Lantern Of Worlds – The Story Of King Valdemar:

– A Wolf in the Wind

Thursday, August 2, 2015

graceful verse
lasted a brief moment;
the flower
on the forehead
a charming bloom;
such fleeting beauty
the dreams happen
is cruel.
it is time
for the flower
to fall.

Years and years I have searched for that fantastic land where dreams come true, and now, through this magical land, I find a new beginning. From another time, from another people, and this world is our own. A land where no matter how far you go, or what you happen to stumble across, you will always have a chance to follow your heart’s desires. For I, Cajun Falcon, am finally my own master, and the path I walk is the one I choose.

Monday, July 7, 2015

I don’t believe in the big wolf that once lived in Africa. I haven’t let go, but I have stepped back. I don’t believe in the stories of the big wolf that was cast from the yews of the trees, and came to live at the deep black gloam before the moon cast its magic path.

While I admit that I have grown weary of eons of eyes that spread across my memories like the waves of a smooth lake at night, I can still feel that weight of yew and I know that I cannot deny my past, nor forget my roots. I was born in Africa, and the wolf of eons lived deep within my hearts. And I suspect that the mythic wolf that does live in Africa is in my ancestry; perhaps, even in my family tree.

And I found today, that when you search for your ancestors you can often find your answers, your truth, and perhaps even you. To be taken away from a part of your past is like parting from a long-held hand, but I have gained that in my journey with the wolf. I still feel that weight of my life as eons ago it was shifted off by the paws of that weathered figure, but I do not have to carry it with me on my journey as it can only hinder my path.

I believe in the wolf, an ancient creature, deep within the veil of Africa, where it can dwell its life and it was there, behind the facade of eons, that I found


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How To Crack Lantern Of Worlds – The Story Of King Valdemar:

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64bit)
Processor: 1GHz minimum (2GHz recommended), or better
Memory: 1GB RAM (2GB recommended), or better Graphics:
NVidia GTX 580 or AMD HD 7970
Running Distance:
NVidia GTX


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