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31 juillet 2022

Name Gal*Gun: Double Peace – ‘Pheromone Z’ Item
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From the creators of the The Psychology of Wolves and The Other Inches, Episode 1 of the Hunting Dogs series comes a new 2D side-scrolling hunting simulation!…

Take on the role of the cunningly-named Wolf from the start and work your way through a variety of adventures in the wilderness of Chernobyl.

As the day grows dark and the temperature drops, the wolf begins to feel restless.

Unwittingly, it may be drawn into a hunt where it will uncover the truth behind Chernobyl.

The Wolf of Chernobyl is a videogame where you hunt animals for food.

Craft some armor, equip your rifle, scope and dog, and search the countryside for deer, boar, and other game.

Decide how you want to hunt!

Wear the right hunting gear, sharpen your bow, and aim!

The hunter will feel tired after the hunt, but will get used to it.

Take care of your dog and it will be loyal to you, ready to jump on the game.

Enjoy the game, looking forward to your next hunt!

(No, this isn’t another crappy Animal Crossing game…it’s the opening chapter in the Hunting Dogs series!)

A quest for the truth

The Wolf of Chernobyl isn’t just some generic shooting game. The wolves are working creatures of nature. Because of their keen instinct, and their ability to adapt, they are able to succeed in their lives in the wilderness.

Just as in nature, the hunters and other animals have instincts and tendencies. The Wolf of Chernobyl must learn to adapt and become stronger to survive in this world.

The Hunting Dogs series features a series of hunting-themed adventures set in a post-apocalyptic world where men are no longer needed. Instead, a large population of animals have taken over the abandoned settlements of Chernobyl.

The atmosphere of the game is inspired by the artists and designers of Wario Land.

Hunt the night

The wolf’s view

1: The introduction – Chernobyl

The Wolf of Chernobyl is a new Hunting Dogs series title that takes the player on an adventure in the wilderness of Chernobyl. The setting is inspired by the Chernobyl disaster, which took place in the 1980s.

The game features a large open world environment. It is possible to see many kilometers ahead, and the urban


Gal*Gun: Double Peace – ‘Pheromone Z’ Item Features Key:

  • 4 main characters
  • 22 PS3 games
  • 15+ special mini-games


Gal*Gun: Double Peace – ‘Pheromone Z’ Item Serial Number Full Torrent Free [32|64bit]

The ‘Pheromone Z’ is a neutral item available from the Academy Store, containing the’sight zoom’ function. It can be used to locate females wearing other clothes.In addition, the ‘Pheromone Z’ can also cause the female protagonist to turn on the spot when the player is looking at them and end up either in her arms or playing with her. When using the ‘Pheromone Z’, players can look over the girl’s shoulder.
Players can also use ‘Pheromone Z’ to taunt girls
Depending on the ‘Pheromone Z’ selected, it can be equipped with a change of underwear: in the ‘No underwear’ option, the player is not wearing underwear.

Gal*Gun is a shooting game developed by Thatgamecompany that is part of the ‘Gal*Gun Double Peace’ collaboration between thatgamecompany and PlatinumGames. It was released for PlayStation 3 and Wii U on March 9, 2014. A Gal*Gun: Double Peace sequel, Gal*Gun: Double Peace -+Yume-!, was released in Japan on February 28, 2015 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. A remake of the game, titled Gal*Gun Double Peace, was released for PlayStation 4 and Steam in the West in October 29, 2016.

The player must play as the main character, who is a female. The player can carry a maximum of two weapons at any given time, and each weapon has five different settings for its ‘kill power’, ‘hit distance’, ‘needle strike’ and’search power’. Search power is the ability to detect females while in hand. The layout of the levels is a maze with many twists and turns.

There are four types of weapons, all of which the player can carry at any given time:
Pen gun
Arrow rifle
Squirt gun
Hunting knife

The goal of the game is to shoot the various enemies including bosses and males, and eventually unlock the girls as game characters. When the player has accumulated enough score, he/she will be able to compete with another character with a higher score. The’regret’ system allows the player to undo previous wrong actions (such as shooting at a wall, or shooting at a female character when they are naked). When a male character is touched, the player can ‘pass through’ him as if they are not touching him.

Sex scenes
When the player « enjoys » a certain female character,


Gal*Gun: Double Peace – ‘Pheromone Z’ Item Crack + Free Download (Latest)

Released On: 2016-12-16


Adds ‘Pheromone Z’ item to the Academy Store. Upon purchase, the sight zoom can see through clothes instantly.
Game « Gal*Gun: Double Peace – ‘Pheromone Z’ Item » Gameplay:

AC Adapter/Battery Type:

« Gal*Gun: Double Peace » requires an AC adapter/battery.
It is not possible to use the same AC adapter/battery as items or the system.

Not Working/Error in Connection:

Please make sure that your device (iOS) and internet connection (wi-fi/LTE) is stable.
If you are using ‘Gal*Gun: Double Peace’ on a jailbroken device, please make sure to register with Koush’s security system with your iTunes account.

No Items in Your Bag:

Please have at least one item item in your bag.

Find more information on our website:


« Gal*Gun: Double Peace »


Is this game just another Namco « Gal*Gun » style game? Or is this a game with some new features that are well put together? To be honest, « Gal*Gun: Double Peace » is an enhanced version of a game that I like to look at, but not play.

The camera’s different settings are useful, but they do not make up for the game’s dull gameplay. Players find themselves swiping their way through Japanese high school students in running costume, looking for girls to fuck. They also have to keep in mind where all the bullets go, otherwise they will die.

The original « Gal*Gun » was a game that I didn’t mind looking at, but never really played. This time around though, I had some hope for the game because the developers added a class system and some new bits of gameplay. Sadly, neither of those additions are enough to keep me playing past the first hour.

First, the gameplay is a simple swiping shooter with an occasional quicktime event. Players find themselves putting on a


What’s new in Gal*Gun: Double Peace – ‘Pheromone Z’ Item:


    By Sally Chamley on September 16, 2012 | Posted in PC games

    How far can you get through the Gal*Gun: Double Peace – Pheromone Z on New Game+?

    This guide contains information from the Local Left Side Map and Server Left Side Map.


    You need to play through the game on New Game+ with all the weapons and the ‘Pheromone Z’ special weapon. You can find the weapons, special items and some items from the main story here:

    I’ll add in any changes I make to the guide below the proposed changes as and when I make them.

    Given that the server for this guide has only just started up I’m only posting this at the end of the post. I’m sharing it because I think it’s worth sharing information in this early state. Information that could otherwise become stale.


    0: You start the game with a knife. Go left at the bottom of the stairs and there will be a health pack in the corner. X In the next room is a health pack.

    1: A health pack lies on the floor in the next room.

    2: A health pack lies in a room to the right. Go down the stairs and follow the path to a room to the left with a health pack.

    3: You encounter enemies. The objective is to hold the enemies at bay as you get the ‘Million Dollar’ prize. This prize can only be purchased by unlocking the Repeater and the Quick Stick.

    4: Return to the staircase and go up the stairs. Walk out of the room and you will see a Jackpot Bumper. There is a health pack in here.

    5: Return to the room where you purchased the health pack from in the previous room. This time you will be told that you don’t need the health pack and then the Jackpot Bumper will recharge. You can now go back.

    6: Return to the room where you unlocked the Repeater. After defeating the enemies there is a room and a health pack on the floor. Go through the door behind the enemies.

    7: In the next room there will be another health pack on the ground. There will be some Fan Club members in this room.

    8: Go through the door ahead. There is a room to the left with a health pack. You will automatically be told you need a


    Free Download Gal*Gun: Double Peace – ‘Pheromone Z’ Item With License Key PC/Windows 2022 [New]


    How To Install and Crack Gal*Gun: Double Peace – ‘Pheromone Z’ Item:

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* Introduction!
* This guide shows you how to create a
* working crack for the next gen PS3 Mortal Kombat title
* Gal*Gun: Double Peace, by our good friends at Suda
* Games (Yes, Suda is doing a title for the PS3 with
* some unique features!)
* Installation is simple. First, download Gal*Gun
* Double Peace. Open the.kmd file. Browse to the
* [Install] folder and extract all the games. Press X to
* start the process! A string of console commands will
* appear followed by the familiar start-up screen.
* When the game begins, press the L2 or R2 button to
* execute the [Open].
* Once done, press X again to launch the game. You can
* then play just like you would with any MK game.
* You can close the game with the L2 or R2 button when
* you're done or you can quit the game with the X Button
* and the submit button. Your progress will be saved.
* At the end of the game, press the PS button and the menu
* button to proceed to the game's "Opening" screen. From
* there, you can press X to restart the game without
* saving if you wish.
* Make sure you have the latest firmware installed, at
* least, and the latest crack if you're attempting the
* Pro (Custom) install. You can find installation
* information on our [FAQ] page.
* ***************************************************

How to contact me:

Artemij D:

System Requirements For Gal*Gun: Double Peace – ‘Pheromone Z’ Item:

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