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31 juillet 2022

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Storm’s Wake is a Pathfinder compatible adventure for four to six PCs of level 12. The PCs are sent on a mission by a renegade paladin to stop a growing threat that threatens the Klavek Kingdom’s trade. Once a peaceful kingdom, the Klavek Kingdom is now overrun by swampscale dragons and a variety of demonic forces that weaken and wreak havoc in the city of Cherr’s Landing.
You are a mighty hero, on a quest to defeat the evil that’s grown in the shadow of the mighty dragon Storm and protect the City of Cherr’s Landing, a place of great culture, opportunity and prosperity. The city’s prosperity is slowly eroding, destroyed by the ancient evil and a battle with the dragon Storm is looming, with the people of Cherr’s Landing as collateral damage. Do you have what it takes to save your people from the darkness and defeat the swampscale dragons?
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Additional Notes:
For Fantasy Grounds version 3.2.2, our program will auto launch the game when you open file. In order to open the game, you will need to download a fresh copy of the program.
If you purchased this product, please download the Product System Requirements and User Guide included in your download. Please note, this is not part of the ‘full copy’ purchased from the store.Q:

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Fantasy Grounds – A18: Storm’s Wake (PFRPG) Features Key:

  • Use the Iron Kingdoms themed Stitcher’s Guide system to create your character sheet and customize your detailed model
  • Run a modified version of PFRPG that allows players to create their own Homes for their characters

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction / Notes
  • Starter Primer – Rules and Tools
  • How to Play
  • Understanding Character Creation
  • Character Creation Options and Tools
  • Choosing the Home
  • Skills & Feats
  • Equipment & Inventory
  • Character Skills
  • Things to Keep in Mind
  • Ending the Game
  • Gear & Equipment
  • Setting up a Home
  • Transportation
  • A special invitation for new GMs
  • A new player character?
  • Regional Lore


Fantasy Grounds – A18: Storm’s Wake (PFRPG) Free [2022]

The legendary Sea dragon, Storm, is invading the Klavek Kingdom and promising to eat all who dare trespass on her territory. The city of Cherr’s Landing is the key to both the Klavek Kingdom and the sea, but a recent series of earthquakes has swept the town away. Now the inhabitants of the nearby mountain village must flee in the face of the threat while the PCs have to find a way to save the city.
The town of Cherr’s Landing may be gone, but the adventures will unfold regardless. Should the PCs succeed in their task, the Klavek Kingdom will be restored to its former glory. Should they fail, however, the orcs and goblins in the nearby mountains will swarm into town and the peace of the land may never be the same again.
The Klavek Kingdoms is an original fantasy setting that provides its own fundamental campaign. Players who want a ‘friendly’ dragon to come rescue the citizens of Cherr’s Landing can do so by inviting Storm to the city. Alternatively, anyone can play in a ‘doomed’ campaign and join the Klavek armies against the dragon for some extra special adventures.
The Klavek Kingdoms: The River of Adventure
The Kingdom of Klavek has existed for centuries in the northern part of the Broken Lands. However, over the centuries the kingdom has become isolated from the rest of the nations of the Broken Lands, as the river that runs through the empire constantly changes. An adventurer who travels through the Klavek Kingdoms and into the northern parts of the Broken Lands will likely find that the rift’s impact on the people and their culture has been extensive. In recent years, Klavek has become a vital trade route for goods traveling in and out of the northern reaches of the Broken Lands, making it a wealthy kingdom for its size. However, the constant changes to the river can have negative impacts on the economics and political stability of the kingdom.
The Klavek Kingdom is ruled by King Jadrek, who has ruled over the kingdom since his father, King Ragnar, died a year ago. Since then, the kingdom’s politics have been torn apart by the recent changes in the river, leaving little time for the king and his trusted friends to rule. Now, at the beginning of a new year, the landscape is everchanging. The enemy has moved, a new threat is brewing, and the residents of Cherr’s Landing must prepare


Fantasy Grounds – A18: Storm’s Wake (PFRPG) [32|64bit]


This product requires the Fantasy Grounds or Powered by the Apocalypse core rules.

Included in Storm’s Wake:

– NEW FOG file for FGM Core

– Pathfinder Ruleset

– A new Titanic Creature Template.

– Two new magic items, The Fleetmaster’s Compass, and The Spade of Excavation.

– A new Deity, Perenna, the God of Spring and Vanity.

Your Role in Storm’s Wake:

The Klavek kingdom is in turmoil. While the dragon, Storm, has been tamed and living peacefully in the ocean, her tamer, the chosen heir of the Demon Prince, has decided to step into power and take over the kingdom with the help of a few allies. Now a friend of the PCs may be in danger, as the children of a distant relative of the Klavek King’s are coming to the surface and have the same monster-like appearance as the dragon, Storm.

With the help of a cleric, druid, or ranger from the nearby city of Cherrs Landing, the PCs are asked to track down a few monsters or remove a few more. It should be relatively simple and not require much in the way of combat. However, there are rumors that the Dragon Storm has moved inland, and anything can happen. Do you just return to your own city to pick up some trading, or do you seek the help of a friend who may or may not be in danger?

The Sea Reserves of the Klavek Kingdom is the biggest and wealthiest stretch of coast on the east coast of the country. Since the travel there is safe and as the power from the storm has diminished, trade has slowed. However, as the weather begins to cool and then snow, trade is finally on the rise again, especially among the humans.

But there are whispers of a secret fleet of ships with gigantic sails, and monsters of all kinds living in the Sea Reserves. However, there are rumblings of a far greater threat, as a storm approaches, and the storm has a name, Storm.

Recommended Play Style:

– 1-2 players, the players can take turns and be divided into different teams, or

– 3-4 players, the players will work together to work towards a goal (either stopping the monster threat or return to a city to trade)

The Sea Reserves of


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