Fantasy Grounds – 5E: Alagoran’s Gem Crack Patch Activation (Final 2022)

31 juillet 2022


Name Fantasy Grounds – 5E: Alagoran’s Gem
Publisher Admin
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Rating 4.28 / 5 ( 4584 votes )
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Become a the ruthless leader of a huge guild, and dominate by any means.
Galactic Civil War is a text-based strategy game where your aim is to dominate your opponents by any means necessary. Players can play as one of eight different guilds, and lead them into battle. Battles take place on a hexagonal map, and you will have to use your assets to steal the victory. There is an in-depth diplomacy system in place, you can even forge new technology with your rivals!
Also available on Android, iOs, web, and Xbox.
• Campaign Mode: fight your way to the top of the galaxy. Play a plethora of different missions. Either against the computer, or get a group together and go head to head in multiplayer.
• Multiplayer: if you are feeling lucky, you can go head to head with up to 3 of your friends on any map.
• 8 Different Guilds: Each of the 8 guilds has its own units and weapon types.
• Trade: The various resources you can gather from the war between the Humans, Tyrants, and the other alien factions you play with.
• Diplomacy: Special players called Traders can get access to the various other nations. Talk to them and you can negotiate trade deals, get diplomatic allies, or even convince them to help fight against your opponents.
• Star System: An empire can be colonized, and developed into new worlds, new resources, or even new technologies.
• Technology: Get resources from your conquered enemies. Develop a new technology by gathering the resources and resources needed.
• Upgrade: each unit in your empire can be improved by using the resources you gather.

Take the role of King Saul as he conquers and places your characters on the map of Mordor. Assign your characters to farms, forge them equipment, recruit heroes, and unleash them on those who stand in your way!

Become a ruthless commander, and conquer this war-torn map of Mustafar. Place your troops and capture the enemy’s strongholds in order to win the game!
Mission to Mustafar is a fast-paced game that plays in 2-3 minutes, where your aim is to take control of the map by capturing the enemy strongholds


Fantasy Grounds – 5E: Alagoran’s Gem Features Key:

  • Single player and multiplayer for human players.
  • A Roleplaying game with a combat-style game mechanic.
  • A large, detailed world with three continents and four islands.
  • A number of hand-crafted locations in a modern setting.
  • An engaging story with many actual tales and myths
  • Story Time

    These Lazy, Gassy Meddlers are living in a time where magic is returning. They could have an easy time living in a world where wondrous, magical things happen. Instead, they want to use their magic for fun in their own world.

    They just need a perch from which to cast their spells. They collect the most powerful gems they can find and brew a mixture that will produce a chance high enough to cast their magic. Each day, they will scatter a drug along the coast and wait for the natives to drink it.

    Unfortunately, there is only one of each gem and there is no money to buy more. Alagoran the Sorcerer desperately needs to put some money in his school and his family so he is scraping together the means to make it happen.

    Character Sheet

    Character Information:

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