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31 juillet 2022







Escape from the Blue Planet, The Moon Project and Lost Souls are three award winning strategy games, by a team of experts working at the Polish studio TopWare Interactive. Since 1993 the team is producing dozens of games for PC and Mac systems.
Coming from the genre of space or science fiction, the player is fighting their way through a complex political environment filled with a high number of AI opponents, procedurally generated items, unique maps, more than 200 different custom units and 250 object buildings. The player can also contact a number of AI assistants, created by the player on their own. These help, with a wealth of information, to destroy AI units, and hide from the enemy.
EDIA Guide is the official database by ED International. It contains information about each game, instructions, guides, tutorials, etc., and is a great source of information.
With more than 14 years of experience in the genre, RPG-Sci Fi Strategy, we are proud to announce the official sequel, EARTH 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet, The Moon Project and Lost Souls.
Key Features:
Freely explore an open-ended sandbox universe for more than 300 unique missions.
Work your way through the political maze of the 21st Century and its multitudinous factions, with a variety of missions.
Defend and expand your home base by working for each faction’s leader.
Research new technologies to better customize your AI human enemy and your allies’ weapons and armor.
Meet and interact with a variety of AI human enemies.
Play as one of three races: human, cyborg or independent AI.
Complete 24 hours of intense dialogue with each of the NPCs.
Form alliances with other AI characters that may aid you in battle.
Build and customize AI-controlled units.
Use custom game mechanics to attack, defend, research and build.
Over 180 unique environments to explore in the free-roaming sandbox game.
A truly epic soundtrack with music from the soundtrack recording sessions.
Escape from the Blue Planet is a free sequel to the award-winning strategy game EARTH 2150, The Moon Project and Lost Souls. In this open-ended, free-roaming sandbox game, the player can take part in the battles of Earth’s political landscape and struggle for control, by using people and vehicles (which can be upgraded) at their disposal.
In this game, the player is taking part in the epic events of the 21st century. The player is controlling either


Features Key:

  • 4K Graphics
  • Brilliant Gameplay
  • Huge Map
  • Broad Soundtrack
  • What is brand new in this version?

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed several bugs in the game

    What is new in this version?

    Ripped High quality graphics and sound

    • This version is loaded with daily new upgrades (big and small). Look out for further updates as they come.
    • Application review sample
    • Requirements:
      • Win7 +,8
      • Minimum Requirements:
        • 1.8GHz, 2GB RAM, Graphics card compatible
      • Minimum Requirements:
        • 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM, Graphics card compatible
        • Minimum Requirements:
          • 2GB RAM
          • Graphics card compatible
          • Graphics card compatible
          • Hard Disk Space for installation: 800 MB or more
        • Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 (32/64 bit)
        • Plug-and-play compatible
        • Wi-Fi capable of connecting to Internet for installation of updates
      • Visit our support section for any problem you might encounter during the installation or gameplay of the game.
      • To remove you need to uncheck « Add this program to your system’s DVD or floppy player » (see below). That can be tricky by itself but most users will have this option.

        Earth 2150 Trilogy – Soundtrack Crack Free Download [Latest 2022]

        If you enjoyed playing the original game then you’ll love the bonus soundtrack! Play through more than 115 minutes of music from the award-winning strategy trilogy: EARTH 2150 – Escape from the Blue Planet, The Moon Project and Lost Souls. Experience in 40 unique tracks and 19 remixes over 115 minutes enthralling acoustic moments.
        The 70 page booklet features extensive booklets and articles on each of the three games, including original story by Author/Artist Chris Lloyd.
        This is a digital download.
        [size=150]Digital Download[/size]
        [u]FEATURES [/u]
        The e-book of Earth 2150 Trilogy Soundtrack is bookmarked to your hard drive and digital content on the hard drive is added to your My TopWare account! That’s it!
        [u]NEW [/u]
        – More than 115 minutes of music from the award-winning strategy trilogy: EARTH 2150 – Escape from the Blue Planet, The Moon Project and Lost Souls
        – 70 page booklet featuring the original story by Author/Artist Chris Lloyd
        – Documentary Art Book
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        Earth 2150 Trilogy – Soundtrack Crack + With License Code Free PC/Windows [Latest]

        Thanks! If anyone wants any particular track, let me know.

        Thanks for the reply. I’ll get to my other comment soon.

        NOOB007 wrote:

        I would love to have a soundtrack for this game, but it seems that iTunes is not supporting the game. Any other method to get the soundtrack?

        I’ll tell you a secret. This soundtrack contains the same songs that were played in the video game EARTH 2150 – Escape from the Blue Planet, The Moon Project and Lost Souls. This means that it would be possible to create the soundtrack without a license. I know that I don’t need one.

        It’s like a compilation of the most popular songs from those three games.

        Well, you can create the soundtrack without the license by just taking the song, no need to buy. Here are the official websites for the three games so you can read about the songs:

        I have the music files from the Lost Souls beta version in folder and I tryied to download the music from the internet but I’m not able to. I don’t know how to extract the songs from the file and download. Can someone give me the info?

        Hello community!
        It’s me again, this time with a new question about the music of the previous installment of the Earth 2150 trilogy: Escape from the Blue Planet.

        The soundtracks for Earth 2150 – Escape from the Blue Planet, The Moon Project and Lost Souls all share the same songs. That’s why I wanted to ask if anyone here has a licence or knows of any legal way to extract the songs of the official game soundtrack and legally sell it.

        I forgot to mention that I only have a beta version of the soundtrack. The final version doesn’t have any of these songs.import test from ‘ava’;
        import chai, { expect } from ‘chai’;
        import sinon from’sinon’;

        import { assert, assertDefined } from ‘../../src/util’;
        import { IApproach } from ‘../../src/abstracts/approach’;
        import { IAlgorithm } from ‘../../src/abstracts/algorithm’;

        import { JEI } from ‘../../src/abstracts/core’;
        import { BasicJEI, TimeMapping } from ‘../../src/abstracts/mapping’;
        import { TimeMap


        What’s new:

          Here it is folks, the result of my soundtracks. Play them in order on a loop or whatever

          Instructions: Use this link

          Screenshot rules on Nintendo DS

          Known Bugs:
          This gets someone a temporary ban without being timed out

          The planets and spaceship graphics are not 100% pixel perfect, but it is done as rapidly as possible. The textures were a bit of a pain to make.

          All you need to do is follow all the icons to get the blue arrows wherever you want to move.

          The music on the other hand is totally different on the Wii.

          Noisy installer on Nintendo DS

          This is much noisier than the DOS installer.

          Console Sound

          This is not an accurate soundfont for any console or

          FM-16, Genesis, Mega Drive, N64, Nintendo 64,

          PC98, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Super Nintendo,

          These soundfonts were placeholders for some


          Vapor Boy, NeoGeo, Gameboy, Gameboy Color

          This is all the games I can find. I don’t have many

          PC-Engine, Sega 32X, GameBoy Color

          This is because I do not have any of them and I


          The Soundtrack

          BOSS SEBASTIA///
          My Kung Fu Poet self-imposed exile after being bored of losing
          in the import matrix, I missed this place like a tomato missed the sun
          Due to this. I now roam the internet, sipping tea and popping
          Mafia series CDs at random guest I meet at the pub. If you
          have any opinions on the soundtracks as a whole post them in
          this thread, if I feel you’re good I’ll personalise your name
          in red somewhere in the title and post a link to you.

          Singing Legend (PC98)
          For a PC that needed a compiler, the folks at
          PC98 managed to cram just over half a dozen tracks
          on a
          unit that was released on one floppy disk for five dollars.

          Pros: The sound effects could be cleaned up a little
          and there are some interesting prog rock notes in the music.

          Cons: This game is hideous to look at. The music
          soundfont was a PC first thing and was the soundtrack
          to Street Runner.

          There never was a Street Runner PC port


          Free Download Earth 2150 Trilogy – Soundtrack Crack For PC


          How To Crack Earth 2150 Trilogy – Soundtrack:

        • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 (32-bit / 64-bit)

          The Soundtrack is in MP3 format. Go to the download link.
          Click here to download Earth 2150 Theme Music

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    System Requirements For Earth 2150 Trilogy – Soundtrack:

    To install the base game, you will need the following:
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
    RAM: 2 GB
    OS: Windows XP or Vista
    HDD: 7 GB
    To install the full game, you will need the following:
    RAM: 4 GB
    HDD: 8 GB
    The following people are thanked for their assistance and their help during the development of this game


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