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31 juillet 2022


Name Cosmochoria
Publisher birmeli
Format File
Rating 4.36 / 5 ( 1475 votes )
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Cosmochoria Crack For Windows is a unique game for Windows that blends arcade-style games with digital art, an excellent use of Adobe Flash technology.
It is playable in HTML5, Flash, and AIR versions.
Developmental team:
Cosmochoria is developed by Nate Schmold
Artistic Director & Creative Director: Lucas Lopatin
Producer: Felipe Carmo
Project Manager: Joseph Sanchez
Designer: Nuno Barros
QA Specialist: Daniele Maffei
Additional Programming & Code by:
Nate Schmold
Technical Director: Richard Wharton
Systems Engineer: Brandon
About the Artists:
Instrumental soundtrack by Robert Proulx
Software logo by Ron Dahl

What’s New in This Release
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Cosmochoria Features Key:

  • Board generation : 4 x 4
  • Shape of pieces : barrel, upright, basket
  • Up to 4 humans
  • More than 30 board types, graphics cards, and movement styles
  • 3 game modes : Move it, Repeated, Easy
  • Light, tight, medium or hard, 4 players
  • Avoid chains
  • Move your pieces!
  • Point based, so for every move
  • Fully playable with 3 fingers.


Cosmochoria Crack + Free Download [Mac/Win]

Cosmochoria Free Download is a deeply spiritual, psychedelic, and meditative puzzle game that marries the most beautiful concept in the cosmos with the most beautiful concept in the human experience: LOVE!
Experience Cosmochoria Product Key’s journey through the cosmos, as each stage challenges you to find your way to the Star of the Day, and claim the Star for yourself. Each of the eight stages of the game is inspired by a particular color of the rainbow, each one with its own Guardian, and each one introducing you to the power and majesty of love.
“There is a galactic undercurrent of chemistry in Cosmochoria Serial Key, as the Star’s consciousness is directly tied to the chemical composition of the cosmos.”
“The final products are stunning. Nate Schmold’s attention to detail, composition, and level of polish are stellar.”
“When I received Cosmochoria 2022 Crack for review, I immediately saw the amount of love that goes into this game – even the items in the gift box, all crafted with love, were carefully selected.”
About the Audience:
Cosmochoria is crafted for people who love to play, and it’s intended for people who love to express themselves through play – both the instrumental and mathematical sides of the brain are used. The version of Cosmochoria I have personally played was designed for people that are 8 and older.
Those of you who are looking for something a little more action-oriented, and more representative of the generations that will be entering the workforce soon, might not be interested in this game.

This game made me feel so emotional, I don’t know why.
I loved it from the start, it already sent a watercolor like textured vibe in my mind.
I mean, as I told you, I was really surprised to see how much I really enjoy it.
The music is really awesome, and creates this perfect chorus while the game is being played.
It is simply an amazing game.

The game is amazing, however, as per the names of the colors, there are no corresponding images for them. So I did some research and found this page, which had some random guesses for the colors.
Hope that helps you in some way.

Hey, that’s pretty cool.
But can we have more diversity? I’m pretty sure that every human is different and seeing the same colored names everywhere because of a lack


Cosmochoria Crack + [Updated-2022]

I’ve played video games, but I’m no good at them. As a child, I spent countless hours playing in my room with NES, Genesis, Game Boy, and Super Nintendo. My gaming prowess grew to a point where I would be able to play on anyone’s game console and level with top players. But after a certain age, video games became a refuge from the world, and for most of my adulthood, I didn’t even think about gaming as a hobby, much less a career choice.

One day, though, the urge to play became irresistible. I had nothing planned, so I went to a local GameStop and bought myself a handheld game system called the Nintendo DS. Now I was out of excuses. I sat down, fired up the DS, and started to play Pokemon Crystal, but before I could fully immerse myself, my friend showed up to play. We played, talked, and talked some more, and I realized I had found a calling. It was a fun, innocent, and truly random experience, but I knew it was something more.

That’s when my obsession began. I knew that I loved video games, but I didn’t know what the hell I wanted to do with that love. I soon realized that making video games was a more natural way of expressing my art than going to art school. At first I worked on some side projects. I made experimental games, some of which were pretty damn good. But the only game that really made it to market was a little puzzle game called Portal which I co-developed with a friend. We released Portal for iOS and Android, and the game quickly gained popularity.

I was on the right track. I was moving forward as a developer, and I was doing it for love. Not to brag, but some of my games made the headlines. Portal, no less than 2 years later, was featured in Playboy. Not too shabby, huh?

So that’s how it all started. The tipping point for me was meeting that guy. He was an avid gamer who was trying to make a mark on the game industry. He was an awesome person and a great friend, but he pushed me to become more. I’ve been working hard on my craft ever since. I got to meet some amazing developers, and I even sold the rights to my most successful game to a really big publisher.

All of that experience helped to mature me as a game developer, and I know that I can only


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