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30 juillet 2022




The fifth game in the Freedom Planet series is back with even more epic sci-fi gameplay and never-before-seen planet-scapes! Once more, the asteroid belt of this universe is a minefield of evil, so enjoy your journey through space for the hope of saving humanity. Control your vessel using the right analogue stick or keep it in orbit using the D-Pad. Take control of one of three distinct party members (each with their own special attacks) and explore new areas to find new, more powerful weapons and enemies to help in your quest. With three difficulty levels, three difficulty routes, and three modes for challenging, you can play your way to greatness!
– Be the Hero
Freedom Planet is, as far as I’m concerned, the best in the Freedom Planet series. Each previous title has gotten progressively better and been more interesting, and I look forward to seeing what they’ve all got in store for us this time.
– 4×4 Team, 6×6 Team, 1×2 Team or Free For All
4-person teams can play together, trading off who controls the ship when it comes to the directional pad. Choose to play as any of three 3-person party members, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and special attacks! These characters can switch out at any time, and their skills and weapons can be swapped as well! You can also play as a single lone soldier with no friends!
– 3 difficulty levels
The journey is a long and perilous one, so it should be a difficult one to get through. The game automatically adapts difficulty to the skill of the player.
– 3 difficulty routes
Expert, Pro, and Max difficulties provide three different gameplay styles.
– 3 game modes
One of three modes to choose from!
– Two Survival Modes
Creative Mode creates an endless landscape to explore.
Story Mode takes the game to the next level, with a story-driven gameplay experience.
– Combination Modes
Combinations of the modes above!
– Variety of Enemies
Varying types of enemies will challenge you with new strategies.
– Customizable Controls
Defeat obstacles by rotating your spaceship around the « U » line in the middle of the screen. Change your ship’s weapons and equipment to progress.
– Two Different Zones
Battle in the Horizon Zone or the Lunar Zone to increase your score!
– A Hero’s Journey
Detailed story-driven campaign mode, taking the player on an epic story through the six


Stories Of Bethem: Full Moon Features Key:

  • The typical visual style of the game (RPG-like) helps inspire great atmosphere.
  • Completely hand drawn graphics save you the time of explaining yourself to a street artist.
  • A magical fantasy world (inspired by Japanese culture) with a well developed plot, full of plot twists and plenty of side quests.
  • A robust and fast changing battle system, allowing fluid and entertaining gameplay without being unfair.
  • Simple but intense gameplay. In a moment everything counts.
  • Over 100 detailed and useful items with useful and hilarious descritive bonuses.
  • A well developed and mysterious plot, but with a lot of freedom.
  • Challenge effects that respond to your fighting style.
  • Earn achievements.
  • A discussion system where you can talk to the NPCs and share your opinion.
  • A simple but powerful item synthesis system.
  • A selection of different main characters. But playing the game just once will not suffice: you’ll be happy to see all the characters again with their completed stories.
  • A game where every aspect has been carefully considered and thought out.


Stories Of Bethem: Full Moon Crack Full Version [Mac/Win] [Latest] 2022

Ashes of Bethem is an action-RPG in the style of the famous Bethem engine, with a very unique story that takes place in the most secret and wonderful lands in the universe: Bethem.
A bold and shiny quest through a fantastic world
Ashes of Bethem is the first action-RPG of all time that blends the best of all genres. A dream like space adventure made with the Bethem engine, that for the first time offers you to enjoy an unique and compelling universe. An universe that is waiting for you to discover it in full.
It will take you through an epic and unique story and you will get even more than one game at once. The game contains a whole adventure with a narrative nonlinearity, thanks to which you will have much more freedom than with other games where you have to follow a quest in one single pathway.
Enjoy an easy and fast gameplay through a rich and multilayered story. An intense adventure with a great gameplay and a deep narrative.
Hi-Fi sci-fi game style
We decided to put our heart and soul in this game, and that’s why Ashes of Bethem have a hi-fi graphics and art style, that will challenge you for hours and bring you into a real fantasy land. Not like those games with cheap graphics and with a limited chance of immersion.
It’s a game for the ones that like to be challenged and the ones that don’t like graphics because graphics are not the main thing in an action-RPG. The main thing is gameplay.
Completely original universe
We created a completely original universe and we have a lot of freedom to design it. Our universe is a galaxy in the time of Bethem, and there are several hundred planets with different creatures, cultures and physical sciences.
The first time that you start the game, you will see a sort of preview of the story but you can explore everything and you will find information along your way. You can also play Ashes of Bethem on your own without having to go through a pre-defined story.
Story of Ashes of Bethem
Ashes of Bethem is a complete new gaming experience: an entire adventure with a completely new storyline and unpredictable narrative. Everything will be in your hands, and you will have to discover it along your way.
Why choose Ashes of Bethem?
Our game is not only a dreamlike visual adventure that combines the best of all genres. But it’s also a complete game in itself, much like a real


Stories Of Bethem: Full Moon Activation Free For Windows 2022 [New]

The American wilds are full of danger. Who will you be in the next state you travel to?
This Wild West region is full of treacherous terrain, noxious wildlife and savage bandits. Step up to the challenge and capture ‘em all. Collect the Red Creek Hat, then return to the doggone YAKSHI to celebrate!
Yakshi is in serious trouble – and you’ve got to hurry! Play an extra Wild West Challenge, and you’ll be able to earn more COINS and have a chance to score even more Wild West Coins. Earn more Wild West Coins than any other player on your Steam friends list by completing Wild West Challenges. Then you can redeem those coins for a prize in your inventory: 14 exclusive Wild West T-shirts, a one-of-a-kind Rough Rider pistol replica, or a hefty supply of 500 Wild West Coins to buy exclusive digital prizes!
– Wild West Challenge: Earn 250+ Wild West Coins!
– Unlocked YAKSHI after completing the “Swamp Slug” Wild West Challenge: VICTORY IN RED CREEK HAT
– A Wild West Coin every time you play a Wild West Challenge: VICTORY IN RED CREEK HAT
– Random Wild West Coin drops: VICTORY IN RED CREEK HAT
– Earn more Wild West Coins than any other player on your Steam friends list: VICTORY IN RED CREEK HAT
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– Collect a total of 14 Wild West shirts, a Rough Rider pistol replica, and 50,000 Wild West Coins: VICTORY IN RED CREEK HAT
– Unlock your favorite Wild West hero: VICTORY IN RED CREEK HAT
(This Wild West challenge was created by our friendly fans)

Legendary weapon from the legendary game!Build your own arsenal, pick it up and jump into the fight.Drop off your enemies with your arsenal!Are you up for the challenge?
Fight against ten different difficulties and explore the world of the legendary Battle Royale game in King of Tokyo2.Play classic matches from Tokyo2 on classic maps. Or try your luck in Survival Mode and defeat your


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Monolith’s story once told

Monolith, search for reason

As much as he

Seeking a better lay of a deeper sense of reason, and a longing for understanding, he was

With a heart, and head, but no others.

Longing for endless reasons, day and night, he just can’t find a good explanation that

Makes sense, why life happens the way it happens.

Woe is me, woe is me

As he was no reason to complicate things, and things happened at his kind of speed.

Woe is me, woe is me

To a deep longing, and longing they never quite find

Woe is me, woe is me

To an empty search, and search that never ends.

The deeper he got into the search, wanting to understand his whole life, and how

The qualities he saw in himself seemed to be copied in everyone and everything he met, were

Spared no detail, and was always self-explanatory and obvious, but somehow that just seemed

To be self-explanatory, and obvious, but somehow that just seemed

To be self-explanatory, and obvious, but somehow that just seemed

No one life, nor following any norms of an afterlife, or a rebirth.

As he walked through the night, from the edge of the city of Bethem, seeking riches,

Emerging from the city into the labyrinth of small towns just outside of Bethem.

And then arriving at the city Gates, the once ominous and intimidating Castle to the people of Bethem,

Now just a quiet place to sit in afternoons, eat, and listen to the music coming from the inside.

As darkness fell, he passed through the Gates, and entered the crowded part of the city, heads bobbed to the music,

More heads around him nodded, and the music got louder, and then he remembered, tonight was a full moon, and his favorite nighttime activity.

He walked slowly down the crooked lanes, past open markets and pubs, through the mall to the taverns,

He walked back up the straight lanes, past closed shops, to the hotel, to his room he found, and sat

Hound down beside the bed.


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Windows Vista (32/64-bit) CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 (2.66 GHz) or Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 (2.93 GHz)
Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 (2.66 GHz) or Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 (2.93 GHz) RAM: 4 GB
4 GB Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible
DirectX 9.0c compatible DirectX: Version 11
Version 11 Hard


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