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30 juillet 2022




A top-down shmup featuring some of the most famous enemies from the Mega Drive/Genesis era.

About Mega Drive-to-Genesis Shmup

When the Mega Drive first came out in 1989, it was the greatest console there had ever been. At the time there were many great, unique, and addicting games on this system. One of these games was Mega Drive-to-Genesis Shmup (aka MGS Shmup). This game was unique because it was a top-down shmup. It was also unusual because it was a mix of 8 and 16 bit systems. A lot of fans still play this game today!

Help out players to shoot down various enemies including fairies, bears, snakes, aliens, and more. Manage your firepower by changing weapons and your shield to destroy enemies. Shoot the eight birdies that come in waves to power up your beam attack. By connecting to the Internet, this game also includes online play, allowing two players to play together at the same time.

Special Features of the Mega Drive-to-Genesis Shmup:

Start by picking your favorite enemy type. Each enemy has their own skills and weaknesses that you can learn and use to defeat them.

Control and power up various units including bombs, lasers, and missiles to reach different weapons.

Shoot the eight birdies that fly in waves to power up the beam attack.

Connect to the Internet and play with two players at the same time.

Replay Level – Access the original level and see how well you can do when playing the game.

System Requirements

Windows, Mac, Linux

Software Requirements:

Game and System Requirements

Supported Screens

This game is recommended for any computer with an Intel Pentium III Processor or later.



Software Requirements:

System Requirements



Software Requirements:

System Requirements



Software Requirements:

Game and System Requirements

Additional Notes





Terms of Service

Official Website:

Support Website:


This product is provided by Furi Products.


Features Key:

  • Two classes to choose from
  • Full freedom to raise or lower the difficulty for each run
  • Intuitive and easy to use gameplay with a fair amount of content. I spent more time preparing
    this game than any of my previous experience, so this might be pretty awesome. It runs
    on REB, so not requiring any additional requirements.
  • All unlocked dlc. You will have to fight for a dash of extra goodies
  • Cuphead: Legends 2 Run, Level 7

    Table of Content

    • Short intro and origin story
    • Short walkthrough
    • Gameplay & options
    • Personal View
    • Team View
    • Dev tips
    • Content chart
    • Credits
    • About

    Interview with the creator

    Tyler Hildreth: Please introduce yourself

    I’m Tyler Hildreth, I am a rebuilder. I’ve been doing competitive gaming for roughly 8 years. I have been an active
    participant throughout that time. I have created my own successful organizations, I founded
    my own NA organization, Titan eSports, a year and a half ago, and joined the Dallas Renegades
    in 2017. I have also spent about ten years as a creative director, two successful publishers, two
    successful tournament organizers, and many, many years making fun games.

    Why create Sui-Fang’s Place?

    The inspiration behind this game of course came from the game itself. Fox is a character that people
    love to hate, and his story is very interesting. I wanted to create something that in my opinion,
    comes very close to actually owning that character, such as Bot Mode in Cuphead. Unlike Cuphead,
    though, it was going to be free, with all the customisation that the player can do, and a story
    that can be played through with different characters. Both Fox and Falco were not nearly as well
    known for a reason


    Betrayal At Club Low Keygen Free

    Partner with Franck Decaestecker, a chartered pilot and blogger, in this real-time, third-person, first-person shooter. Its mission is to take out an island-held terrorist camp. You can tackle multiple objectives, use a variety of different weapons, and complete the campaign as a hardcore-style or a more casual experience.
    Playlist Content:
    – Campaign
    – Survival
    – Escalation
    – Rush
    – Escalation vs. Rush
    – Escalation vs. Hardcore
    – Escalation vs. Hardcore vs. Rush
    – Escalation vs. Hardcore vs. Rush vs. Rush
    – Hardcore vs. Rush vs. Rush vs. Hardcore
    – Hardcore vs. Hardcore vs. Hardcore vs. Hardcore
    Please note that this pack is an optional addition to the overall game offering. In case you don’t intend to purchase, this content will not be present in your game.
    Key Features:
    – Overhauled game engine, new enemies, improved AI, new crafting system and new equipment.
    – 15 new weapons, like the AH-64D Apache, Ka-50 Blackjack and many others.
    – Over 100 new items to discover or craft.
    – Over 100 new vehicles, from the AH-1S to the Mi-24VM.
    – New tactical elements: stay in a safe zone? Defend yourself in your base? Fight in the plane?
    – New location: a huge new area, with new challenges and new features.
    – 3 new game modes: Escalation, Rush and Hardcore.
    – More than 50 single-player missions and more than 20 online multiplayer battles.
    Contact Support at
    Music by Epidemic Sound:
    Follow us on Facebook:
    Thanks to the Epic Games Store:

    This Content is a modification of « Mission Pack 1 », which is owned and developed by the talented pe0polo.
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    What’s new:

    ’s debut album at the Parisian venue reflected a new mindset, a chinoiserie maturity that would usher in a dawn of black innovation, in the vein of Erykah Badu and R&B purists like Lauryn Hill. But the album never quite caught on. After internal struggles with Warner Music — an ostensibly outsized media company — the day after the album was released — which were publicized — New York City hip-hop duo Cash Money Records purchased a majority stake in Low’s future record label’s assets.

    The hard — even bitter — reality of the circumstance was that Kanye West, who’d helped deliver the platinum, 58,000-unit debut for the undercapitalized Quannum label, which had Records, Inc. as its parent company and Low’s primary backers, had turned a blind eye to the deal between 2 Cent and the upstart label. West and Quannum co-owner Damon Dash’s budding collaborative relationship was fully on display, of course. Dash was then a member of Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music, along with fellow former Roc-A-Fella Records people and Kanye collaborator, Ty Ty.

    The upcoming “Paper Man: A Love Story” digs a little deeper into early working-class black America. It’s a look into a now largely forgotten terrain. By 2018, the civil rights movement was 50 years removed from Selma, and almost 20 years past a classic reconciliation between the two surviving brothers after they collectively shared the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200.

    Low, on the other hand, might have just crossed into the mainstream; its first features are an in-your-face backlash to Black Lives Matter, and its second might be about black feminism. (The artist still has no plans to allow the label to pay her royalties or distribute profits.) One of the album’s more controversial songs is #Ain’tGonnaNameNothinUp, a firing satirical take on Eminem, whose socially aware lyrics and embrace of pop culture and activism had started to resonate.

    The #WeGotThis project was almost a decade in the making. With its 10th anniversary passing in December 2018, and a headlining slot at SXSW 2019, R&B star Jeremih is trying to pick up the pieces of an album that could have been the next Kendrick Lamar.

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