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27 juillet 2022

« There are so many different types of sex that casual can be a positive and important part of a relationship, » says Charles Coates, author of the book The Casual Lover: True Stories, 32 Sexy Stories (What were you thinking?!). While casual is the very, very briefest of hookups, it’s also the one that can last the longest, depending on how these partners work things out.
Sexual encounters with an opportunity for relationship come with a cost, too. One important thing to note here is that what looks like some casual sexual activity might not qualify as casual sex at all. That was confirmed in a
What are the differences between casual sex and ‘dirty’ casual sex?
Is casual sex bad for you?
You’ll feel a lot better and more confident having a healthy casual fling than a chemically induced one. It’s also much better than sleeping with a partner you don’t genuinely want to be with — because for some people, casual is a transitional phase before a commitment.
We don’t want casual sex to become a way to stop thinking about the person we’re with — that’s a lot scarier than a stand-up booty call (or five). And how will we know if we’re totally over a casual partner until we’re totally over them? We date to get to know another person, and the best way to find out how we feel about someone is to find out how that person makes us feel.
There is no denying that hookup apps are responsible for casual encounters becoming more normalized in our everyday society. And while these apps can be fun and they can be a great place to try something out that you aren’t sure if you’re ready for, there are some consequences you need to be aware of.
Casual sex: what is it and how does it differ from sexual encounters with benefits?|Casual sex: what is it and how does it differ from sexual encounters with benefits?|How does sex work in casual encounters?
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What is Casual Sex?
Let’s dive into casual sex! It might sound kind of alarming, especially if you have only heard about the negative side of things — but sex is a personal choice, so sex is not automatically bad. It can be if you find yourself in a situation where you are pressured to do something that you don’t actually enjoy. And since there are many great ways to have sex that are not « casual, » it’s important to find out what casual sex
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You’ve heard the term  »hookup culture », haven’t you? Think about what that means: unplanned sexual encounters for personal pleasure. Casual sex (also known as non-marital sexual relations) is incredibly common, and over the past several years, most young adults in the U.S. have either had casual sex or are currently having it. Now let’s get real – for many of these kids, many of those casual encounters actually happen during the semester. And still, we’ve seen a substantial rise in the usage of hookup apps to connect with other casual partners in the last decade.
If you are interested in casual sex but think it is somewhat of a taboo topic, consider this- from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, casual sex is widely regarded as the most common sexual practice in Australia.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, approximately 41 per cent of the population reported having engaged in some form of casual sexual intercourse in the last year; 35 per cent of women and 47 per cent of men reported having had casual sexual intercourse. The results of the study also confirmed that the proportion of men who had casual sex had decreased over the years, while a small percentage (approximately 14 per cent) of women continued to engage in casual sexual activity since 2012.
How safe is casual sex?

I think it is important that we distinguish between casual sex and casual encounters. A casual sex relationship differs significantly from a casual relationship and a casual sex relationship also exists in a completely different context from the majority of people’s ordinary or long-term relationships. There is no emotional commitment between casual partners, no love, no need for intimacy, and often not even interest in attachment.
So, there are aspects of casual sex which I think are good for people. If you are not sure if casual sex can be a good thing for you, ask yourself these questions:
Why Is Casual Sex So Popular?

This tendency to take sex more for granted, and to not be as choosy about your casual partners, is sometimes called  »hookup culture ». » It became common among the middle and upper classes in the 1980s and 1990s, and spread to the working class by the 2000s. Since then, this is become more common among lower classes as well.
Hookup culture has the potential to be empowering or exploitative. If you choose to participate in hookup culture, you may be empowered by being your own boss. If you know what you want to get out of

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