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27 juillet 2022

On the spectrum of casual to committed dating, where « casual » and « friend with benefits » typically refer to the same thing, lies the honeymoon phase (a.k.a. « hooking up »). It’s what happens when you are on your best behavior, and try not to injure the other person’s feelings. Having a good conversation and enjoying each other’s company is the goal. A friend-with-benefits relationship allows you both to enjoy one another, without pressure or expectations.
Dating apps have made it much easier to find your match. Plus, they’ve also made it ridiculously easy to be single in this busy world. But, did you know that there are certain apps out there that are specifically geared towards meeting your next one-night stand, or even better, a future long-term partner? Well, you might want to read on.
You may have heard of the app called Tinder. It has been labelled as the « casual sex app », but what this actually means is that it’s a way to find people to have casual sex (aka hook up, or basically hooking up to be chill for the night). You pick who you would like to message, find who is their mutual match, and then strike up a chat.
Tinder is free to use, and you get to see who likes you before you respond. People are put off by the pressure of having to message others to be alone with them, but those who use it like it.
How to find sex on apps
There’s loads of other options out there, but here are the best apps for hooking up.
Tinder is likely the most popular, but it’s certainly not the only one. Tinder gives you the option to select the sort of people you would like to match with. Single, looking for an outgoing bloke, looking for some sexy, mature men. You can also add your preferences on your profile, including the type of person you are looking for, where you are from, what you look for in people, and more.
MOK has the same premise as Tinder, but it’s optimised to be specifically for finding people to have one night stands. It’s based on the concept of swiping. Swiping to the right is meant to indicate that you are interested in the person, and swiping to the left means that you are not. You don’t need to search to see who is available for sex, although you can if you wish.
The person has

As we’ve mentioned before, not all forms of casual sex are created equal. But if you are getting casual sex without reciprocity, you’re definitely on the hook for not getting any at all.
The problem is that when you’re in this situation, your typical « filter » comes online. You might find a person you can date, have a fun time with, and be friends with in real life, but that doesn’t mean that he or she is good to go for sex — at least, not in the traditional sense.
Unfortunately, as anyone who’s taken their hobby to the next level can tell you, if you let a person dictate when, where, and how often you hook up with them, there’s a risk of developing strong feelings and thinking that your intimate interactions — including sex — are more important than they are.
And because you’ve never experienced a direct sex life, you might lose sight of what makes the experience truly special and intimate. For example, research shows that true physical intimacy in a romantic relationship can reduce stress and strengthen ties, as you’re more likely to invest emotionally in your partner when the feeling of being loved is both immediate and unconditional.
The good news is that this doesn’t need to be the case! Whether you’re hooking up with a partner or with other people, there’s a big difference between feeling like you’re getting some sex that you didn’t pay for and actually wanting to have sex with someone — regardless of whether you ultimately agree to have sex with him or her.
Addressing your needs
If you think casual sex is as equally uncomplicated as it gets, think again. The biggest concerns people have about getting together for sex are whether they’re a ‘victim’ of a new-wave of’sex-only’ apps and the potential for repercussions from partner sex.
According to the movement’s champions, casual sex isn’t as much about convenience as it is about self-discovery. It’s a chance to find out what you like and don’t like, what you’ll and won’t do in the bedroom, and what your boundaries are in the context of a new relationship. That’s a completely valid perspective, but when you’re not in a relationship with someone you actually care about, it can feel pretty lonely — especially if you’ve been part of the mindset that sex will be at the center of every new relationship.
For some, the prospect of being with someone who will never have sex with them again is a concern. But what if


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