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27 juillet 2022

And so the time you spend on these app-based platforms could be time not spent on preparing for your next interview or writing the memoir that you’ve always wanted to write. Consensual sex is obviously different than rape or sexual assault, but that doesn’t mean casual sex should be hard to define or treat. There are a lot of grey areas when it comes to this stuff, and that’s what makes casual sex tough for many folks to talk about.
But it’s no coincidence that the surge in casual sex has brought with it a surge of different ideas around what is meant by « sexual consent. » And one of the most important things to know about casual sex is that, yes, it can still happen. It just might not happen in the same way it always has.
Should we reconsider casual sex?
Is casual sex morally wrong? No and yes.
Let’s start with the « no, » or « not always. » This can mean a few things. Sometimes, casual sex may be the object of a choice between an opportunity for sexual exploration and the real possibility of sexual exploitation. It’s a balancing act between having pleasure and also finding someone with whom you have a deeper connection than you think is possible at the time.
This can be a problem because sometimes it feels like your sexual « experiences » happen by default. It can feel like you’re not being asked for permission to have casual sex, and you may feel a sense of entitlement or lack of awareness.
But should we eliminate this? Should we eliminate the concept of casual sex altogether?
We shouldn’t.
What casual sex means right now
As defined by prominent media and the legal system, sex that occurs with no intention of long-term or romantic commitment is not considered to be « consensual » sex in most cases — and that includes anal and oral sex. It’s just not considered « sexy » or « hot » enough to be on a Tinder profile or in a famous Instagram story, especially if it is not shown in context.
But if we take the context out of casual sex, the question remains: should we eliminate it?
Putting context back in doesn’t necessarily solve a problem — it makes the situation you’re a part of clear. And the politics around it aren’t stopping people from engaging in it — they’re making it very clear what is, and what isn’t, ok. But when it’s about and for pleasure alone, that’s hard to measure, and also depends a bit on who you are and how you want
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Thai-inspired cuisine with a touch of Japanese influence, Sushi Ko is more than just another sushi spot. At Sushi Ko, their « Fish and Sake Sake Sushi » take a nod from the influence of Thailand and its long history of seafood and sake. Their introduction of sake as an ingredient is another reason they have been branded as « more than just another Japanese restaurant ».
And the answer? Yes.
But don’t think of your religion or religion in general as something that defines you. However, many people might feel that they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to religion, fearing that if they say one thing, they might offend someone. But, even if you’re a believer, this article shows you that you can enjoy both religion and sex without having to compromise your beliefs.
Along with other perceived health consequences of casual sex, the rate of STDs is also comparable to married people. One in two adults ages 18 and older have had or currently have an STD according to the American STD/Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association. The sexually transmitted diseases, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes and genital warts, are prevalent across all demographics. Even though their prevalence is similar to those of people with a monogamous relationship, many people opt not to disclose to their sexual partners that they have STDs.
Red flags of a Casual Relationship
There is still stigma in the marketplace for different sexual orientations. For example, gay men who have relationships with women are still known as « fags. » However, because society has become more enlightened about alternative lifestyles, when people find out about one, they feel that they are doing their part in spreading awareness and acceptance.
Actually, the prevalence of domestic abuse has gone up in the last thirty years. When people think of abusers, they don’t often think of a pretty average looking Joe Offering, the partner’s needs may be other than sexual.
Online apps and sites that showcase or accommodate polyamory are always growing in numbers. Commonly referred to as open relationships, polyamory is a relationship concept that allows people to have multiple romantic relationships at the same time. Very often, polyamory is seen as a solution to the lack of non-monogamy that people often have in their current relationships.
Casual sex is actually far more common than you may think, but it isn’t the norm. Some people find themselves living in a culture where having casual

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