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This is a source code management component for visual studio 6-7 (Delphi), Delphi 2007, XE2, C++ Builder.Q:

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ZylVSS Crack [Latest 2022]

VSS-Remaking, a homebrew repository management tool that aims to satisfy the needs of users who want a fully featured
VSS-Remaking website with built-in file server for secure, unlimited file storage.
VSS-Remaking includes a simple library that supports a number of repository types such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL,
PostgreSQL, and their corresponding database drivers. VSS-Remaking also provides an implementation of Windows Share
Drives that allows for a transparent and secure file-sharing between computers or workgroups.
By leveraging XML, VSS-Remaking features a file server implementation that is cache-friendly and can be used to store
versioned files in a compressed and highly redundant manner. Every time a file is accessed, its previous version is
retrieved from the database to prevent unnecessary file operations. This allows for a constant 15x speed increase when
comparing to using a conventional VSS server.
VSS-Remaking includes a fully featured search implementation that leverages both the VSS server and the file
database. The search engine supports multiple search criteria including file type, size, modification date, and others.
You can also search for single or multiple file names. When specifying a file type or extension, the search engine
includes information about the file in the search query.
COPYING: For commercial use of VSS-Remaking, please check out my other products.
If you are interested in sending me bug reports, questions or feedback, please contact me via email:
mailto:[email protected]
VSS-Remaking also includes a Windows Service that allows you to add multiple computers to a single Windows Share
Network. It also includes a MySQL Database instance that may be used to store configuration settings, list of files,
search index, and the VSS source database. Using the MySQL database, you can also add new version history files
when the need arises.
VSS-Remaking Features:

Provides a comprehensive implementation of a VSS server with a file storage
Provides an easy-to-use file database that includes a file search engine, versioning, and version switching
Allows for the creation of custom repositories, customized by adding a folder to repository definitions
Supports multiple repository types (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL) and their respective databases
Connects to the Windows Share Network and the Windows Host OS with two layer of proxies
Fully supports UNC path paths in

ZylVSS With License Code

VSS Version Control Component provides the following features:

Bookmarking : Write text into a chosen text or image in the source file,

* The version control reports are generated into the properties of a project in the form of a color scheme, which are shown in the Projects panel.

Changes : Check out project in the version control folder and merge modified

files into local.

Check-in : Perform a commit operation into the version control folder.

Releasing : During merging, when the project has been checked out into local, check out the latest version of the project into the version control folder.

* The Releasing feature can be used with the CVS library or with the latest version of the SCM Subversion plug-in.

A number of options are provided for configuring changes :

* Open Gantt Chart : The component allows users to open a Gantt chart on the window of any open project as a Gantt chart control.

* File Properties : Open the text editor of any project file and display the version control panel, which has been configured for the project.

* Restore : Restore all current files in the project to their original versions, prior to the commit operation.

* Undo – Redo : Undo a change or a file, or to revert a previous change to the project.

* Save : Save a project to the local disk, with any files that have been modified.

* Revert : Revert a file to its original version, or to roll back any number of modifications that have been made to the project.

* Ignore : Ignore the specified file or file extension during the version control operation.

* Log : Log the modification history of any project, and display it on the image.

* Search : Search for modified files using the user-specified criteria.

* Message box : Display a message box on the screen, which informs users about the changes in the project.



Your can install ZylVSS under your personal project folder. Just open the « ZylVSPack.dpk » in Delphi or open the « ZylVSSPack.bpk » in C++Builder. Then, in the Delphi IDE:

In C++Builder IDE: Right-click on the project name, then select « Unload Project ». After that, Right-

What’s New In?

ZylVSS is a Delphi / C++Builder component designed to help users work with Visual SourceSafe easier than before. With the help of this program, users can embed a variety of version control features into Delphi and C++Builder projects.
Users who are working with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) know that it has been designed in the form of a source control software package that creates a virtual library of computer files and which has been designed specifically for use with small software development projects.
Microsoft Visual SourceSafe is commonly used for source code, but it includes support for a broad range of file types in its database.
To get the software up and running, users need to unzip the downloadable zip file and then open ZylVSSPack.dpk in Delphi, or ZylVSSPack.bpk in C++Builder. After compiling and installing it, users need to add the path of the installation to Tools/Environment Options/Library in Delhi, or to Tools/Options/C++ Options/Paths in C++Builder.
The component can be dragged and dropped to any form, and users can set its properties by the Object Inspector. Moreover, it allows users to write event handlers with a double-click on the preferred event in the Events tab of the Object Inspector.
The demo version of ZylVSS can be used with both Delphi and C++Builder IDEs, but displays a nag screen.
Developer’s Comments:
[The original version of this module was released in 2006.]

« version history » is a function that allows moving or restoring a file from a previous version. This function can be used in the back-up and restore functions.
It is very important to store a text file in a version control environment. As long as you have a version history of changes made to this file, you can undo and redo your work.
This is especially true in Delphi 5, where it is possible to record the changes that your source code has undergone.
« Project Info » function is a simple function that works with version control environments. It is very easy to set the path to the folder where you store your files. In the next step, the Project Info function checks your location and displays all the files and folders in it. The function even displays subfolders and files that are not stored in the main folder.
The information that is displayed will include the current version, a list of all projects that are stored in the

System Requirements For ZylVSS:

Windows XP or newer
Intel Pentium 4/3GHz/2.5GHz or AMD Athlon X2
2 GB of RAM
DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
2GB of hard-drive space
Direct X 9.0c compatible audio device (e.g. X-Fi)
TV Tuner or Analog TV
Parental Controls on TV or other media device
CD/DVD Player or DVD drive
Ability to connect to the Internet


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