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8 juin 2022







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MobaPhoto is a simple-to-use application which allows you to resize, edit and rename pictures in batch mode, as well as create simple galleries.
The interface of the tool is plain and intuitive. You can import images into the list by using either the Explorer-based layout or « drag and drop » method.
So, you can resize photographs by using predefined settings or by specifying the maximum or exact size. But you can also enable the tool to keep proportions and to replace the original files, as well as set the JPEG compression rate.
In editor mode you can crop and rotate images, make color adjustments (e.g. brightness, contrast) and remove the red eye effect.
Plus, you can rename files in the traditional way or by making automatic modifications (by using filters like folder name, count, minute), as well as replace strings. Last but not least, you can create a basic photo gallery and upload it to your website, view images in full screen mode, change the interface language, and others.
In the « Settings » area you can enable MobaPhoto to keep the EXIF information in the altered images, scale down large pictures to fit them to screen, adapt the picture size to the screen width, to show the lossless rotation buttons in the main window, and more.
The simple-to-use program takes up a moderate-to-high amount of system resources, has a good response time and didn’t freeze, crash or pop up errors during our tests. Unfortunately, there is no help file available. Other than that, MobaPhoto comes packed with some basic elements for manipulating photographs and we mainly recommend it to first-time users.
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MobaPhoto 1.42 Crack + [32|64bit] [Latest] 2022

Enables you to create a slideshow, upload it to your website or insert the link into email messages.
The program supports the most popular picture formats (and also video, sound and other formats), as well as JPG, PNG and GIF.
You can use the export option to convert images to the PNG format.
Plus, you can specify the size of the final output, as well as the folder where all multimedia files should be placed.
The simple-to-use program requires less than 1 MB of disk space and provides an easy-to-use interface.
MobaPhoto Review:

It’s truly a miracle how a program like MobaPhoto was able to rise from the anonymity of a free program.
For such an excellent free tool that’s only available on the Internet, MobaPhoto deserves a good rating.
In total, the program offers the following functionality:
The tool allows you to create galleries, resize images, rename them, crop them, make basic adjustments to their color, add effects (e.g. “Photo Montage”), build a slider, upload albums to your website and add a link to the existing website and more.

What you can do

The program allows you to import your pictures by using either the Explorer-based layout or the “drag and drop” method.
You can choose to export the pictures to the PNG format, or to convert them to JPG, GIF, BMP and the others.
Photos can be properly resized by using the scale-up and scale-down settings.
You can rotate images or crop them using the rotator panel. You can further resize, flip or align them.
Besides these basic functions, the program also provides a lot of more advanced features, such as customizing album names, adjusting album artwork, adding description and catalogs, and changing the background image.
How well it works

In our tests, the program performed well. It never crashed, froze or had any type of popup errors. The program also had a positive response time.
In addition, the interface was simple-to-use and was clearly marked.
The text was also visible and without any typos.
What’s the verdict?

The “Create a Gallery”, “Build a Slideshow” and “Change your ID” features work quickly and do their job as advertised.
The program performs

MobaPhoto 1.42 Crack Product Key Full For Windows

Similar software shotlights:

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Image Composer for Windows 7 32-bitImage Composer for Windows 7 combines a color balance tool for fine adjustments to all elements of your image with a sophisticated panorama stitching software for accurately stitching your photos into one large masterpiece. The panorama settings include a wide range of parameters like focus and exposure, and the image transition can be customized in many ways. Image Composer for Windows 7 also features precise and intuitive user interface and a complete color management functionality which allows to monitor and process the white balance even on the image after it was taken and the image after it was processed.

Image Correlator for Windows 7 32-bitImage Correlator for Windows 7 puts the fine tuning of digital images into a simple to use application. It can quickly generate hundreds of the best images from one photo by using many parameters to modify the image. The effects of noise reduction and sharpening can be fine-tuned, images can be scaled or cropped. Plus, adding an image to the database of a protected or private folder can easily be done, and users will be able to control access to it in many ways. Correlator for Windows 7 includes all possible transformations a photo can take, and it is capable of handling very large files.

Photo Faker 2.0.5 Photo Faker enables you to generate masterpieces in a snap! It offers more than 20 predefined effects, some of which work on image layers or layers masks and also copy effects, layer properties, layer attributes, or layer masks and layer attributes. The more advanced options let you create stunning effects, from simple dust and drop shadows to brand-new Color Grids and video elements. With Photo Faker you’ll easily turn your ordinary photos into photo masterpieces!

PhotoMinda Photo

What’s New In MobaPhoto?

PaintBoard is a great utility for all those that need to easily paste or copy an image from the web to any Windows Explorer window.
The paintboard application provides a variety of tools that let you perform these tasks with minimal effort. For example, the « Grow » or « Shrink » tool lets you resize a picture and, if you want to make it look more professional, you can convert it to 16:9 format or resize it to fit the selected screen area.
If you are looking to add some spice to your PC or browse pictures from the World Wide Web, PaintBoard can prove helpful. The application loads images very fast and has an elegant design that makes it easy to use. Its code is clean and we didn’t notice any bugs or security issues.
However, the tool will only get more useful if you add some new presets, particularly « Picture Frames », which can be used to create frames to paste into different parts of the desktop or into a template.
Another great element is that users can adjust the picture border to get the exact effect that suits them best. That way, you can view your desktop in a completely new way.
PaintBoard offers a lightweight application with a great interface that is aimed at both beginners and experienced users, and it will prove a valuable addition to your PC. The tool is available for download at Softpedia and costs just $2.
PaintBoard Description:

Nink is a small utility which enables you to use pictures in folders with other pictures by simply dropping them on your desktop.
Once installed, Nink features a collection of configurations that can help you create previews of images.
You can use this tool to create multiple composites with a number of different images in no time. You can also add or remove pictures from an image set and use your favourite instant messaging program to show the image previews of the selected items to your friends.
Nink installs fast and doesn’t ask for any additional permissions. It is packaged in a one-click installation option with a clean installation interface and takes up very low system resources.
Unfortunately, there is no help file available. However, the program has a detailed tutorial that displays how to use the tool right after you start it.
The program offers a great user experience as it comes with a basic layout that has a clearly marked « New » item in the list of options, a very simple « Nink Configs » dialog, a powerful « Advanced » button that displays the current configuration settings

System Requirements For MobaPhoto:

Please note that the Double Peace has hardware requirements, so it won’t run on devices with less than 1 GB of RAM.

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Double Peace is very light on system resources. You can run it on just about any device with 1 GB of RAM and 512 MB of VRAM. It was designed for devices with 4 GB of RAM and 1 GB of VRAM.Q:
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