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7 juin 2022

Xcas is a useful, multi-platform tool that acts as an interface to perform computer algebra, function graphs, interactive geometry (2D and 3D), spreadsheet and statistics.
The program can be used as a replacement for high end graphic calculators. Now you can perform various calculations with the help of this instrument.


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SXcas Product Key is a free, easy-to-use utility which is specially designed for the computer algebra, statistics, function graphs, spreadsheet and graphics calculations. You can use it with any kind of numeric data or vector expression as a one-off calculation or as an input data file for various other utilities. Sxcas is very easy to use for the beginner and includes many advanced features for experienced users. In addition to the list of features provided below, Sxcas offers many options to select a command line or processing method.

Easy-to-use computer algebra:

Sxcas includes a set of more than 50 basic commands for simple calculations, but the list of commands is not limited to the basic ones. Sxcas can be used as a calculator in many ways; for example, you can calculate a value of an expression by repeatedly pressing the ‘+’ key and/or using the up, down, left, right, zx, zy, and undo buttons. This makes the operation very easy to learn.

High performance function graphs:

Sxcas supports a wide variety of functions including polynomials, exponents, logarithms, exponentials, powers, logarithms, square roots, cube roots, inverse trigonometric functions, square, cube, hyperbolic functions, trigonometric functions, and more. You can easily create a function graph for almost any function.

Data import/export:

Sxcas supports CSV files, OLE, XLA, XLA/Excel, XLA/RTF and XLA/ODF formats, and accepts an import of many other formats, such as XLS, XLSX, HTML, XML and TXT. It can be easily configured to handle different kinds of data in a file. You can also use the import/export function to save and load the calculated data in an input/output file format.

Data input/output:

You can use the utility in batch mode for importing data or for reading/writing an input file. Sxcas supports three types of input file: CSV, XLA, and XLA. XLA is a very easy way of specifying a data file and offers many additional capabilities.

Easy data visualization:

Sxcas includes a large number of functions to create different kinds of output graphs. These graphs include the most popular 2D and 3D graphs (such as a histogram,

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KXcas is a useful, multi-platform tool that acts as an interface to perform computer algebra, function graphs, interactive geometry (2D and 3D), spreadsheet and statistics. The program can be used as a replacement for high end graphic calculators. Now you can perform various calculations with the help of this instrument. You can enter any user defined expressions by entering a KXcas expression in the expression area and then clicking on a button. You can also create your own functions. You can edit these expressions and functions either using macro function called KXcas Macro or keystrokes.
User interface Description:
Inputs in KXcas are obtained by entering expressions in the first expression area, and functions in the second one. The second expression area is editable. You can enter both user defined expressions and functions.
KXcas syntax has two phases, the first one is in which you can input expressions and functions. The second one is the evaluation of the expression or function. The function is the same as in the function editor, except that in the function in KXcas, the user defined expression has to be evaluated and presented, whereas in the function editor, the evaluation is hidden.
You can input user defined expressions by entering it in the expression area.
You can enter user defined functions by entering the function in the second expression area. You can also access the function editor, that is available in a seperate window.
With KXcas you can create your own functions by specifying all the parameters in the function editor, you can specify conditions and the return value can be an expression, number or text. You can check the correctness of your function and redefine it if required.
The user interface of KXcas is very user friendly. It has two modes, one mode in which the expressions are entered and the other in which the function is defined. The function can also be redefined and the expressions are evaluated and can be presented in a different format. KXcas can recognize all the keystrokes and automatically enters the expression and evaluates the expression and redisplays the result. You can define macros using Keystrokes in KXcas.
It also lets you perform statistics, such as standard deviation, correlation, variance, covariance, average, root mean square, etc. You

Xcas Crack + With Product Key Free PC/Windows

The first release of Xcas contains a programming system for automatic integration in a problem solver.
The system consists of a number of small modules with commands.
The user must first define the module and then supply the commands in the desired order.
When the module is finished the system must be downloaded to the PC.
Thus, we used the programming system to integrate the problem solution into the program.
The program can work as a stand-alone application in MS-Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP) and as a plug-in in the 3D Viewer of Windows 95/98/NT/2000.
You can calculate in the Xcas Excel Mode, the Xcas Design and the Xcas X-Mode (Xcas on top of Excel).
You can use the Xcas Online Mode to calculate complex formulas online.
Each mode has its own keyboard shortcut.

New features in Xcas 2.04:
– multi-platform version (runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP).
– faster desktop mode.
– complete documentation.
– quick and efficient implementation of a C++ dynamic (inline) method.
– updated viewer functions: Polygon.
– updated default database: Catalogue Numerique.
– new distance unit.
– new adjustable default cut-off angle (CAS).
– new online mode with a server.
– new multi-site server.

Package Contents

Xcas Standard – general information on Xcas.
Database Xcas – xcas database.
2D Viewer – the default viewer of Xcas.
3D Viewer – the 3D viewer of Xcas.
Xcas Excel Mode – the Excel mode of Xcas.
Xcas Design Mode – the design mode of Xcas.
Xcas Online Mode – the online mode of Xcas.
Xcas X-Mode – the x-mode of Xcas.
Xcas Online Plus – the online mode of Xcas plus the calculation of graphic functions (calculations in the Xcas online mode).
Xcas Online Plus Plug-in – the online mode of Xcas plus the calculation of graphic functions (calculations in the Xcas online mode).
Xcas C++ Mode – the programming of Xcas (in C++).
Xcas – documentations of Xcas.
Xcas Online Server – the online server of Xcas.
Xcas Online Server Plug

What’s New in the?

A new powerful (the most powerful at the moment) model solving system and interactive (graphically) geometry calculator, allowing for the creation and solving of any type of model as well as interaction with various programmes such as Microsoft Excel and more. The program uses a unique geometry editor that provides an interface for the most diverse tasks, allowing for the creation of complex objects from a single block of code. Xcas allows for interactively solving of all types of equations using all the functionality of a regular calculator. Xcas can be used to calculate such diverse areas as: statistics (for example, the amount of cells in the body), geometry (the perimeter of a polygon), astronomy (computing the orbits of planets, stars and galaxies), physics (such as motion of objects) and more. The program is based on the program language Haskell and is very fast and user-friendly.

Ecas is a powerful, freely available C-based math and statistics calculator that allows the user to perform any calculation in the text field. It provides almost the same functionality of a calculator and a spreadsheet at the same time.

ECAS Description:

ECAS is a free open-source C-based calculator that allows you to perform almost any calculation.
You can perform mathematical calculations, manipulate data, perform statistics and convert between units.
ECAS is based on a powerful language called Haskell.

Inventus is a scientific knowledge base and a learning environment written in Haskell.
Inventus aims to solve the problem of having to learn many different things in many different ways and having no easy way to find out what you already know and what you still need to learn.

Infinite is a free and open source Haskell-based learning and knowledge base application.
It is a personal, web-based tool, for individuals and groups of people, that can be used to collect, store, and share knowledge.

Kocto is a free open source Haskell project that can be used to write your own app or a tool, or to modify or extend existing ones.
It uses many powerful open source Haskell libraries to help you write apps, by providing a common interface that lets you write code that works in many different places.
It’s worth noting that Kocto apps are written in pure Haskell, so they use no libraries that are not already available in Haskell.

Kocto Design – A graphical editor for making HTML, TeX and LaTeX documents. In the full version there are over 400 functions with over 20 internal variables to customise the appearance and layout of your document.

It is also possible to save the final output to PDF or print directly, without an intermediate HTML or TeX document.

Kra is a Scheme programming language implemented in Haskell and inspired by Racket.
Kra provides a gentle learning curve, an excellent environment for building programs, and the possibility to use a syntax close to Scheme

System Requirements For Xcas:

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