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Text File Splitter Crack+ Free X64

Clean interface

Splitting options

Splitting options

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Text File Splitter Crack +

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Text File Splitter

Text File Splitter is the best solution for splitting text files. Text File Splitter divides text files, such as XML files, HTML files, and plain text documents into multiple files.

This is an advanced option of the program that allows you to split text files and save them to specified folders. The splitting modes are: by size, by number of files, by regular expression, and by text boundary.

You have to enter the file name or file path, and then the output directory.

When the file is divided into multiple files, you can use the following filters: as it is, including headers, in reverse order, or for different file patterns and sequences.

You can also take the blank space from the file and use it as an empty file.

There are many special functions like save to a different format, batch splitting, or combine multiple text files. All these functions are easy to use and can create a great effect on the files.

Let’s see some advanced features:
Split text files into smaller parts:
You can split text files into parts to be different sizes and save them into a different directory. It will be useful if you want to divide a file into several smaller text files. This option allows you to create different sized text files with the text files and save them to a different directory.

The file format and sorting options:
You can use a text file as an XML, HTML, or CSV file with the help of this software. You can save the text file as plain text or convert it to a text file. Besides, you can also change the file format and sort the text file by using different sorting options. The file format can be selected from a list of file formats.

Batch splitting:
It is very easy to split multiple files with the help of the batch splitting option. All you need to do is enter the source files, the output directory, and the file splitting actions. You can use different options for this like keeping the headers or not, using a specific file pattern and sequence, specifying a size for every file chunk, using regular expressions, or writing a boundary (i.e. a regular expression).

There is also a function to save all the files in one folder.

Advanced options:
The software program includes advanced options such as drag and drop, support for large amounts of files, and much more. If you use the drag and drop method, you can drag a file to the program window

What’s New In?

It allows you to split text files. Text files are often filled with a large amount of information and many times, it is more convenient to use text files.
You can choose to keep headers, use a specific file pattern, select file splitting strategy, and select strategy options.
Here, you can select how many lines per file chunk, number of files, size, regular expression (use a regular expression to determine the file chunk boundary), or text boundary.
Furthermore, it allows you to drag and drop the files.
Furthermore, it has no help file that can guide you through the program, so if you do not know what "split by regular expression" or "split by text boundary" means, then you will never get to use those strategies. Also, the program takes up a high amount of system resources.
Additional information:

And that is what you can say about this tool. It looks good, it has a pretty easy to use interface, but if you don’t know what any of the options mean, then this is not an ideal solution for you.

1. Choose the location you want to save the output.

2. Click the button below that says "File Splitting"

3. Choose the file to split.

4. Select the type of splitting you want to do.

5. You can change the properties for all of the files.

6. And you’re done.

That’s it. You can also add as many files as you want to split. There are a lot of options to customize the software.

5. Protext File Splitter is an all-in-one software package that allows you to split files and manage large amounts of data in the form of text. This software program has a very user-friendly interface that you can navigate through easily. The program allows you to split text files to keep the headers. It allows you to divide the text file by columns using regular expressions. This software program can generate new text files automatically or manually.

Protext File Splitter is a simple text file manager. It allows you to split files and store files with regular expressions. The program has a simple interface and the features are very easy to use. You can select a splitting type (keep the headers, do not keep headers, split by columns, split by line, split by file size, split by number of files, split by date and time, split by regular expression), select the splitting strategy (using a specified file pattern, number of files, and regular expression), and change the file splitting options (select the number of lines per file, number of files, size, regular expression, and text boundary).

It is a very useful application for your PC because it allows you to split text

System Requirements For Text File Splitter:

OS: Windows XP SP2 (SP3)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0Ghz
Memory: 1 GB of Ram
Hard Drive: 1 GB of Hard Drive Space
Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 6150 / ATI Radeon HD 4870
Sound Card: Soundblaster 16 or compatible
Additional Notes:
1.00 (18.12.2013)


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