Switch Simulator [Win/Mac] 2022

7 juin 2022

Preparing for a Cisco CCNA or Juniper JNCIA certification exam can be troublesome if you do not have hands-on experience with the devices in question. Since the actual equipment is expensive and designed for complex networks that are not available for public access, simulators are required to offer you a bit of practice with the supported commands.
Use the console environment to configure and control the switches
Switch Simulator is an educational software utility that simulates a switch network and allows you to send console commands or configure the parameters of Cisco and Juniper devices. Using the terminal, you can get a glimpse at how a real network behaves in various circumstances and troubleshoot a wide array of connectivity issues.
The simulator is completed by the included lab exercises, which explain in detail the specifics of various topics regarding spanning tree protocols, power over ethernet or per VLAN spanning tree protocols. These exercises aim to provide you with a basic understanding of the underlining mechanisms of network switches.
View graphical representations of network diagrams
To offer you a better oversight on the arrangement of hubs and router devices, Switch Simulator provides you with a graphical representation of all the devices that are part of the network. The switches are labeled appropriately and connected with lines to better illustrate the route of the signals between them.
Furthermore, you can also view the connection speed of each link and the afferent IP addresse and subnet mask. To configure one of the devices, you can select it using the dropdown menu and jump into the console environment, where you can view additional information and use the supported commands.
Although the list of parameters and commands is limited and does not fully emulate a real network, Switch Simulator offers a viable alternative you can practice on, with enough features and configuration options to properly prepare you for the hands-on experience. In addition, the included lab exercises and user manual greatly improve your chances at passing the certification exams.







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Simulator for simulated switches
Configurable from basic to advanced
Tutorials available with real switch diagrams
Download switch simulator now.

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Change the MAC address of an interface.
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MAC Address Page:
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1. What is a MAC address?
A MAC address is a unique identifier for each Ethernet interface card on a computer. A MAC address is a 32-bit value that identifies your ethernet card and a specific MAC address can only be used once for a given ethernet card. Each ethernet card has a MAC address and there is not a master list of MAC addresses.
2. Can I change the MAC address of a network interface?
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Switch Simulator Keygen Full Version

Switch Simulator is a PC based networking simulator that teaches you the basics of networking by simulating a network of switches, routers and hubs. Switch Simulator simulates all the features of typical switches, including the ability to view traffic and packets sent to or received from a specific device, configure the IP address and subnet mask of the device, as well as verify the routing and connections of the device. To learn more about the Switch Simulator software, please view the Switch Simulator Review, or download the Switch Simulator demonstration edition and see for yourself!

Cisco CCNA or Juniper JNCIA certification exam? You must be wondering why a computer network simulation is important, considering that many networking companies focus on a hands-on approach for their students. However, you may want to know that the simulated network is often a cheaper and less expensive alternative than the real one. Learning the ins and outs of a simulated network is the first step in learning about your chosen career. Switch Simulator is an outstanding program with a wealth of features and functions. In the Switch Simulator tutorial, you’ll learn how to configure the simulator so you can explore and discover the amazing world of networking.
The Switch Simulator tutorial guides you through the installation process and a basic configuration. When this tutorial is finished, you will have a switch simulator network that you can test and verify with real switches. There are a number of settings in the Switch Simulator that you will want to know about before you dive into the world of networking.
The first setting is the IP address for the simulator, which you will need to enter if you are using a computer to configure the simulator. Additionally, you will want to know about the subnet mask and the host IP address, which will determine the range of IP addresses available to your network. You will also need to enter the IP address of the computer you will use to connect to the simulator.
After you have configured the IP addresses, the next step is to connect the computer to the simulator network. Switch Simulator includes several methods of connection, and the tutorial will teach you how to use each of these methods. You will learn about the differences between a TCP and a UDP connection, the difference between a Host and a Guest connection, and when to use a wired or wireless connection. You will also learn how to access the software through a web browser and how to access the software from a command prompt.
If you prefer, you can download the Switch Simulator demonstration edition, and then follow the Switch Simulator tutorial. In addition to the complete tutorial, this

What’s New in the?

Get ready for hands-on experience with Cisco switches
Switch Simulator is a Cisco CCNA Switch Simulator that allows you to prepare for the Cisco Certified Network Associate exam and the Juniper Certified Network Associate (JNCIA) exam with more than 90 minutes of practice using Cisco IOS and Junos command line.
Switch Simulator simulates an entire network of up to 8 switches and provides you a hands-on practice using the console environment. The simulator is compatible with both IP and NetFlow switches.
Use the simulator to test your understanding of the concepts covered in the CompTIA A+ 100-101 exam. We have included more than 90 minutes of practice, including the most important topics such as VLAN, DHCP, IP addressing, IP routing, IP addressing modes, MAC addressing, and VLAN addressing. The software gives you detailed step-by-step instructions on how to configure the switches. All of the parameters are labeled so you can quickly distinguish which ones are which. You can also view the connection speed of each link and the afferent and subnet mask.
Lab exercises and instructional videos are included to further help you practice and test your understanding of the most important commands used in an exam. To get real Cisco or Juniper IOS and Junos expert help with real-world questions, you can purchase an accompanying software at the cost of $19.95.
Switch Simulator is a complete practice solution, but is intended for use with the CompTIA A+ 100-101 and the Juniper JNCIA 100-101 exams.
For questions regarding compatibility, please refer to the Switch Simulator FAQ. For technical support questions, please contact us through For general support questions regarding Switch Simulator, contact Support at
– Only IP and NetFlow-capable switches are supported
– The switch capacity is only 8 switches
– No scripting is supported
Switch Simulator for CCNA Switch Simulator for CCNA Switch Simulator for CCNA Switch Simulator for CCNA Switch Simulator for CCNA Switch Simulator for CCNA Switch Simulator for CCNA Switch Simulator for CCNA

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System Requirements For Switch Simulator:

OS: Windows 7 or newer
Processor: 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo, or equivalent
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 compatible graphics card or Intel HD 3000
Hard Drive Space: 2 GB available hard drive space
Additional Requirements:
Internet: A broadband Internet connection. PC and Mac users can use a broadband Internet connection through a router or modem.
Webcam: A webcam for inputting images is required for the First Person Video Chat Support function.
Third-party applications: A supported


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