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OptiVec For C++ Builder Crack With Product Key For Windows

OptiVec is a component-based, self-contained, in-process C++ class library that offers a fully featured alternative to existing mathematical and scientific computing libraries such as the BLAS and LAPACK libraries.
OptiVec has been used to accelerate programs in many areas including linear algebra, signal processing, curve fitting, interpolation, 3D rendering, signal processing, pattern recognition, data compression, and compilers.
OptiVec offers one of the highest levels of performance for numerical computing ever offered by a single library. Most applications run at least twice as fast on the same system, while the majority run at least three times faster.
OptiVec uses the same API’s and the same interfaces as the BLAS and LAPACK libraries, but OptiVec is not restricted to functions that can be easily re-implemented using lower-level assembly language. OptiVec provides a complete replacement for all low-level BLAS and LAPACK functions. It provides a complete, full-featured implementation of BLAS 3.0, which can perform arithmetic operations in an optimal way on all available types of memory, and LAPACK 3.0, which can compute to extreme precision and, in a few cases, can run on up to 64 processors simultaneously.
OptiVec contains a large number of over 4000 complex-number math routines, vector functions, matrix functions and, together with the BLAS and LAPACK libraries, a complete suite of BLAS and LAPACK functions. It is compatible with both Microsoft and Borland compilers. OptiVec, which is built entirely in-process, does not depend on any runtime services and can run on either 32-bit or 64-bit platforms.
OptiVec includes its own floating-point math library for arbitrary precision, and a set of efficient pre-processor macros for advanced bit manipulations and compiler optimizations. Its matrix-multiplication operators are general and can be used for any of the supported data types, not just integers and floats.
OptiVec also includes an optimized BLAS for quadratic or cubic matrix algorithms. It implements quadratic reduction methods for any numerical type, including integers, floats, and complex numbers. It also supports LAPACK functions that are widely used in applications such as BLAS 3.0, CHOLMOD, LAPACK, AMD Matlab and the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL).

OptiVec For C++ Builder Crack+ Free

This is a freeware version of OptiVec, a powerful collection of mathematical/numerical vector functions and matrix routines.
OptiVec does not limit access to the user-defined functions. In fact, the user can integrate OptiVec into the application of his/her choice.
OptiVec is written in assembler. The performance is considerably better than that of the high-level languages and of the current BLAS and LINPACK libraries.
The library is installed in the directory \opiv\lib.
KEYMACRO Description:

This is a free version of the commercial version of OptiVec, a software library for vector, matrix, and complex-number operations.
This free version is part of the freeware OptiVec SDK.
It is provided for evaluation purposes only.

The software is sold as a commercial edition. The distribution terms include a patent license agreement.
The following license forms are available:

KeyFactors works only with the current version of OptiVec SDK, SDK for V3.
Please download it here:

The SDK is delivered as an executable (which starts as a DLL) and a manual. The manual contains a detailed installation instructions and the table of contents of the components that make up the SDK.
You can also find more information about the SDK in the Knowledge Center, which is accessible from the main page of the SDK.
KeyFactors SDK is a set of libraries that you use in the application to call the OptiVec functions.
Before you can start using the SDK, you must select the appropriate SDK at the bottom of the editor window.

KEYMACRO Description:

OptiVec SDK is a set of libraries that you use in the application to call the OptiVec functions.
Before you can start using the SDK, you must select the appropriate SDK at the bottom of the editor window.

KeyFactors SDK is a set of libraries that you use in the application to call the OptiVec functions.
Before you can start using the SDK, you must select the appropriate SDK at the bottom of the editor window.

The software is sold as a commercial edition. The distribution terms include a patent license agreement.
The following license forms are available:

The software is sold as a commercial edition. The distribution terms include a

OptiVec For C++ Builder X64

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What’s New in the OptiVec For C Builder?

OptiVec is a software compilation of over 4000 vector and matrix functions and complex-number math routines. It contains vectorized forms of operators and math functions of C / C++ / Pascal.
It supports all integer and floating-point data types and other real and complex math functions / routines for statistics, analysis, FFT techniques, curve fitting, interpolations, vector and matrix algebra, matrix decomposition, and graphics.
In certain areas, OptiVec overlaps with the BLAS and LINPACK libraries, although the nomenclature is easier and can be implemented more efficiently.
Most applications process numerical data organized in loops, but this translates into long response times. By replacing the loops with optimized, Assembler-written vector functions and matrix routines, programs can be sped up by a factor of 2 or 3. Moreover, numerical accuracy is significantly enhanced.
The library is organized intro three groups of functions: VectorLib (for vector functions), MatrixLib (for matrix functions), and CMATH (for complex-number math functions.
All the libraries are static since they are not built as DLLs. Only the required functions are linked into the final application. This separation translates into a limited number of DLLs being distributed with the software.
This version of OptiVec is designed to function with Embarcadero C / C++ compiler series (RAD Studio, Borland Development Suite, BC++ Builder).
The software is sold in a commercial edition that enables users to distribute applications containing OptiVec functions freely. There is also an educational version for non-commercial use.


OptiVec for Delphi & C++ Builder is a very good and cheap alternative to Accelerate, Matlab and other commercial software. It is no purpose to compare different software, because they are all very complex and complicated.
OptiVec is easy to use, very stable, extremely fast, extremely cheap, and very well supported by the developer. It is optimized for scientific and engineering applications.

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System Requirements For OptiVec For C Builder:

Version History:
v1.10 – 19-03-2013 – Added SuperTux Monster, updated supermario, added kickbo to sharemilk and played cowgirl by kathy
v1.9 – 19-03-2013 – Added ducky, updated kickbo and dued
v1.8 – 10-03-2013 – Updated kickbo, added castle and launchpad and updated happy and golden
v1.7 – 29-01-2013 – Added turtle and updated score and physics
v1.6 –


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