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7 juin 2022

With the ever-growing threats and data theft attempts, it is only normal that computer users focus more and more on privacy. All the more so when they want to exchange sensitive or private information and documents via their favorite chat tool. Having that in mind, the creators of the Keeper password manager developed KeeperChat, a secure messaging application that allows Windows 10 users to send and receive encrypted messages, while also providing other privacy-oriented features.
Fit for both individual users and businesses  
KeeperChat is a Windows Store app that can only be installed on a Windows 10 computer. Once deployed, it prompts the user to either enter their personal email to create an account or login, or provide enterprise SSO login data. Please keep in mind that a valid phone number and an email address are mandatory to create a personal account with KeeperChat.
Share media and manage contacts 
Once logged in, you will be able to explore the application’s main interface, which offers one-click access to chat windows, the contact list and the built-in media gallery. Upon the first launch, you are prompted to send invites to your contacts, allowing them to download the app and create accounts. If they do so, they are automatically included in your contact list.
Most of the main window is taken by the chat area, which displays all the sent and received messages. You can also share media files with your contacts, take photos with the built-in camera of your computer or send them attachments. The assortment of GIFs and funny stickers at your disposal can make conversations more entertaining.
All the contacts are listed in the designated area, where you can see details about the KeeperChat account of each. Right by it, you should be able to access the media gallery, which stores photos and MP4 videos, which you can then easily share with others.
Encrypt messages and unsend them, if needed 
The utmost feature of KeeperChat is its capability to securely encrypt the messages you are sending, thus making your conversations more secure. Additionally, it can configure each message to self-destruct, all to protect your privacy.
Most messaging applications do not have an undo button so, in case you sent something you regret, there is no going back. But KeeperChat enables you to retract your messages if you sent the wrong thing to the wrong person, offering you more control over the content you share.







KeeperChat Crack + PC/Windows (Final 2022)

Keeping your messages safe and secure is more important than ever. With this password manager, you can keep your messages safe, even if someone gets access to your computer. Not only can you save and organize your messages, but you can share media files with your contacts too!
Let your contacts download the app.
Keep messages private.
KeeperChat Crack Keygen Features:
Password management
You can encrypt your passwords and organize them easily.
Manage contacts
You can easily share media files with your contacts and keep in touch with them through your contacts list.
Send messages to your contacts directly.
Messages self-destruct.
Message encryption
You can send encrypted messages without any worries.
Media attachment
You can easily share media files with your contacts.
Self-destruct mode
Your messages will self-destruct to protect your privacy.
This app uses the following permissions.
Read your contacts, messages and calendars
This app needs access to read your contacts and calendars.
Read your email, calendar events and address book
This app needs access to read your email, calendar events and address book.
Access your location
This app needs access to your location.
Access your contacts
This app needs access to your contacts.
Access your Gmail account
This app needs access to your Gmail account.
Access your Microsoft account
This app needs access to your Microsoft account.
Control over the data on your phone.
To operate this app, it needs to use the data on your device.
Find accounts on the internet
This app needs access to the internet to find your accounts.
Read storage and calendars on your device
This app needs access to your device’s storage and calendars.
Read the contents of your USB device
This app needs access to read the contents of your USB device.
Read and modify the contents of your USB device
This app needs access to read and modify the contents of your USB device.
Read and write all the data on your SD card
This app needs access to read and write all the data on your SD card.
Allows an application to view and control the list of devices on your phone, and to read phone status and identity.
Allows an application to prevent the phone from going to sleep.
Allows an application to write to the SD card.
Allows applications to have persistent access to the recently used list.
Allows applications to open network sockets.
Allows the application to access the list of accounts in the Accounts Service

KeeperChat Crack+ Torrent Free

KeeperChat Download With Full Crack is a highly secured chat app that allows Windows 10 users to enjoy secure, encrypted chat sessions. It protects your identity and lets you carry on secure communication with your friends and family. Keep your conversations and media safe with KeeperChat. Create an account or log into your existing account and get to chat with your contacts as soon as possible.


Encrypted chat.  Encrypt all your messages with the powerful KeeperMACRO API. KeeperChat can encrypt messages both ways, sending and receiving.

Multiple accounts and contacts. Forget all your headaches with a traditional chat app. Keep multiple accounts and contacts with different identities and permissions.

Secure chat. No logins, no passwords. Keep your conversations and media safe.

Spam-free. Built-in protections keeps your messages safe.

Self-destructing messages. Tell others to stop stalking your messages before they disappear. Self-destruct messages work as long as your KeeperChat is connected to the internet.

Business-grade. Get started quickly with the easy-to-use, business-ready interface and brand-new SDK.

Hangouts. Contact your friends and family by using the reliable WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Give it a try!
KeeperChat can be downloaded via the Windows Store here.

Demo Video:


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What’s New in the KeeperChat?

Secure Chat for Windows.
* Encrypted file sharing
* Simple features like forward, delete and mark as read
* Self-destruct messages
* Privacy-focused features like encryption, PGP and messages auto-deletion
* Passwords stored in Keeper to avoid re-entry of passwords
KeeperChat is now available in the Windows Store for free and requires Windows 10 (64-bit) and up. 
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System Requirements For KeeperChat:

OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (64-bit only)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom X3 or equivalent (1.5 GHz)
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 or AMD Radeon HD 5770
Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
DVD-ROM drive: Support for reading of discs with region code
OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (

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