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7 juin 2022


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Lets you work with writing over the internet:
– Inclination: write letters (and numbers) the way you write with your finger on the touchscreen
– Correction: correct your handwriting when you write
– Stroke order: follow the order of your writing strokes when correcting your writing.
– Scaling: scale up or down your text so that it fits inside your Tablet PC’s screen
– Scrolling: scroll your text from left to right or right to left in a jagged or smooth way
– Link to media: use media files as your link
– Rasterize: convert your handwriting into a bitmap image
– Paste on: paste your bitmap image to your Touchscreen
– Invert: invert your ink. If you have inverted your ink, you will have to invert it again
– Cut: cut your text with a single click
– Rotate: flip your text 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise
– Flip: flip your text horizontally or vertically
– Popup: this option is for those who do not have a touch screen. When you finish a message, you can click a button to pop up the message you just wrote
– InkJournal is our handwriting storage application. This application will store your InkTalk messages when you send them.
• For windows, we strongly recommend that you send an email to and ask us for help with the setup.
• Make sure you have a pen driver installed in your tablet PC.
• Make sure that your Tablet PC’s touch screen is calibrated with the « calibrate screen » tool that you find in the application manager.
• Make sure your handwriting is saved in the default handwriting folder.
• Make sure your Tablet PC is connected to a local area network.
• Make sure your Tablet PC has an Internet connection.
• Make sure your Tablet PC is « locked ». You can find the « lock » button in the bottom right corner of your Tablet PC.
• Make sure you have the InkTalk application installed. The application will be free for a while after the first 30 days. After that you will need to buy a license.
Send InkTalk to Eighty2two:
To request a free InkTalk license, please send an email to Please ask us for help with the setup.
Eighty2two’s email address:
InkTalk website

InkTalk Crack+

Keystroke Macro Recording:
Extension allows you to create keyboard macros by entering text into the Field, which is then searched and executed when the corresponding keyboard shortcut is pressed.
However, only one field can be used at a time.
Once the text is entered into the field, you can check the Clear Clipboard to remove the previous field value.
For more information, please see the following topic:
KeyBoard Macros
Default Properties
Keystrokes (Hash), – Fields (Hash), – FieldWidth (Integer), – FieldHeight (Integer), – FieldX (Integer), – FieldY (Integer), – FieldTop (Integer), – FieldLeft (Integer), – FieldOffsetX (Integer), – FieldOffsetY (Integer), – Clear Clipboard (Boolean), – Field Clear Button (Boolean), – CurrentField (String), – CommandButtonText (String), – CommandButtonHotKey (String), – ToolTipText (String)


InkTalk [March-2022]

InkTalk allows you to chat over the internet using handwriting. It features a powerful engine, browser-like interface and an innovative way of sending ink to and from other ink-enabled applications. In addition to sending ink to other InkTalk clients, you can also send ink to any third-party application that has a text-recognition engine.
InkTalk is software that allows you to chat over the internet using handwriting.
You can copy and paste ink to and from other ink-enabled applications like Windows Journal and also save your messages as a GIF file or as text file provided that operating system has a text-recognition engine (a real Tablet PC does, while the Tablet PC SDK does not).
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Tips for Writing with InkTalk

Where to download


On the Link Page, you can enter the new Support User ID and Password for your InkTalk account.
InkTalk is currently free to download (including its source code) but you may be charged later for access to the text-to-speech conversion engine.
(Full source code is available but the following is only the product description, no download link yet.)
InkTalk is a PowerToy for the Tablet PC that allows you to chat with another InkTalk client over the internet using your natural handwriting. You can simply write your message and the other InkTalk client will see your message in your original handwriting.
InkTalk is software that allows you to chat over the internet using handwriting.
You can copy and paste ink to and from other ink-enabled applications like Windows Journal and also save your messages as a GIF file or as text file provided that operating system has a text-recognition engine (a real Tablet PC does, while the Tablet PC SDK does not).
■.NET Framework 1.1 – Tablet PC SDK 1.5
InkTalk Description:

What’s New in the?

InkTalk was built with Tablet PC applications in mind. If you have an InkPad from Microsoft and an internet connection then you can download this application and enjoy a fully natural ink chat experience.

.NET/Java versions of this application are available at

You can use it over HTTP, MMS, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, WiFi, Bluetooth, IEEE802.11B, 802.11g, and 802.11n using the free Mobile Broadband technology as long as the mobile device supports AT-commands and has a built in Internet connection.
InkTalk is built to provide both the Web-site and the Mobile Broadcast-Notification-Service.

To enable the Mobile Broadcast Notification-Service, configure your mobile device to push or pull notifications. This service will allow you to receive messages using AT-commands from InkTalk software running on your Tablet PC or other ink-enabled devices. You can push notifications by selecting the « Push » option in the options menu on your mobile device. You can pull notifications by selecting the « Pull » option. To configure the Mobile Broadcast Notification-Service in your mobile device, visit

InkTalk Chat is available for Windows Mobile 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 and Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile 2003.

InkTalk Chat is supported in the following countries:

Czech Republic
Great Britain
New Zealand
United States

You can also enable InkTalk Chat over EDGE by using the EDGE software that was bundled with your InkPad device. You can also use the built in PC-side Internet software that comes with most Tablet PC operating systems to get connected to the Internet.

If you are an Android user, we’ve built an Android tablet-only version of InkTalk Chat as well. You can download the Android version of InkTalk Chat at

Our current release of the software is compatible with Android 1.6 and 1.5.

Use the Global Chat key to access the global chat functionality.

This is a downloadable application. You don’t need any preinstalled software on your Tablet PC or other ink-enabled device.

.NET/Java version of this application is available at

System Requirements For InkTalk:

* Memory: 2GB or higher.
* Installation:
1. Install Steam.
2. Go to your Steam Library, select Properties and go to the « Betas » tab.
3. Accept the EULA, then select the « Install » button and follow the instructions.
4. Play!
Q: Why is this game so ugly?
A: Because it’s made in 2016.
Q: It crashed/or the sound didn’t work/etc.

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