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7 juin 2022

Using digital tools to create music can be done in various ways. From simple mixers to advanced editing suites, artists have at their disposal numerous tools to generate new melodies. Addressing simpler needs is HitFactor, a practical music sequencer that allows its users to create WAV songs from custom samples, or by employing the built-in MIDI keyboard.
A lightweight solution for song creation
The program features a simple and straightforward GUI layout, with the multiple samples employed located in the bottom of the main window, while the equalizer, volume control, and MIDI keyboard elements are placed in an upper central position. A notable feature is the built-in text editor, which can be employed to create lyrics for the newly written song.
Most of the standard options one would expect to find in an audio editor are available to users, such as the play controllers (the program can also be used to listen to tracks), as well as pitch, modulation, balance, and volume MIDI operators.
Supports 12 tracks with eight loop boxes
'Solo' and 'mute' options are available for each sample and, all in all, there are 12 tracks with eight loop boxes for each track slot. Also, each loop box contains 16 'small start cells' that can be used to give the output song a distinctive flavor.
“Randomize” and “Divide” buttons can also be used to generate original content and a reset function allows users to return the sequencer to its original layout. Unfortunately, the program only supports WAV output formats; the song lyrics – if any, are saved to a separate TXT document.
A practical music sequencer for hobbyists
To conclude, HitFactor is a simple tool for anyone who requires a music sequencer. The program can manage 12 tracks with eight loop boxes for each track slot at any time and randomize options allow users to create novel sounds. Lyrics can also be written from within the program and output formats can take on the WAV extension.









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HitFactor is a simple and practical music sequencer for creating sounds or song lyrics.
The program offers a simple and intuitive GUI layout, with the song samples located in the bottom section, the EQ, volume, and MIDI controls in the central area. Each of the 12 track slots can be filled with eight loop boxes containing 16 smaller samples, and features include pitch, modulation, balance, and volume MIDI operators.
The program’s two most important features are the way it saves its output file format, and the ability to create and load custom samples from the main software.

Music software reviews

HitFactor is a simple, affordable sequencer for making your own music.
A music sequencer is a tool that helps musicians compose new tunes and manipulate existing ones, and HitFactor is a handy one for the DIY crowd.
Get your MIDI controllers connected and just start playin’, the program’s intuitive interface will let you enter notes on the keyboard and the sequencer will play through the tracks you’ve selected. You can step, loop, and loop back through notes that way. HitFactor will store your MIDI notes as they play and play them back, providing users with a better way to work and listen.
HitFactor was designed with the non-musician in mind, and it does a good job at that. It comes with 12 loops and 16 small samples, and music software reviews have praised its clean, easy-to-use interface. Like most music software reviews, HitFactor is inexpensive and gets the job done.
HitFactor offers a straightforward sequencer interface. The sample editor is well-organized and simple to use, offering users a variety of tools to create new sounds, including a mix, equalizer, pitch, modulation, and volume controls. The 16 small samples provide a good range of possibilities, though HitFactor users will likely find that some samples are too loud or too soft.

HitFactor is a smart and flexible music sequencer.
HitFactor is a highly flexible music sequencer that offers a simple interface and a generous amount of features.
Like any good music software, HitFactor is intuitive and easy to use. Unlike many music software reviews, HitFactor is relatively inexpensive and, given the amount of features it offers, comes in a good-sized package. HitFactor also sports a clean design and comes in a variety of operating system and file formats.

The Best Free Music Sequencer
A music sequencer is a tool that helps musicians compose new tunes and manipulate existing

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Kermit Kerfuffle has a new interactive notebook app. Its Kerfuffle Inventor is a practical music sequencer with a simple, easy-to-use interface that will take any novice with one track and a keyboard (or midi keyboard) to the most sublime music expressions they’ve yet discovered. With Kerfuffle Inventor you can easily create, arrange, edit and enhance your musical creations with hundreds of built-in samples, loops and rhythmic constructs.
5 track sequencer and 20 samples per track allow you to build a set of sounds by combining samples, loops and instruments. Create your own musical compositions with simple controls. Samples, loops, instrument controls and more. With Kerfuffle Inventor you can easily create, arrange, edit and enhance your musical creations with hundreds of built-in samples, loops and rhythmic constructs.
So let’s take a look at the awesome features of Kerfuffle Inventor:
– Big pad design lets you create your own musical compositions with simple controls.
– You can play on any background track.
– Over 535 new and unique built-in samples, loops and instrument controls.
– Create musical compositions with simple controls, add loops, mix samples, record live, edit and enhance your creations, including a batch recording and special recorder that lets you record your progress.
– Record your melodies and sequence ideas on any track, save them as a MIDI file.
– Write your own notes and lyrics, in multiple languages.
– Connect it to your MIDI keyboard (included) or program or sequencer of choice.
– Modify the length of a sample, loop or instrument from 1 beat to infinity.
– Using the 20 built-in samples, you can quickly create a custom-sounding orchestra with just two instruments and lots of loops.
– Quickly find your favorite instruments using the keyboard shortcuts.
– Work in your own musical style with several program presets.
– Adjust the brightness and saturation of the colors of your samples.
– Includes a very detailed guide and tutorial.
– Automatic saving, duplicating and erasing of the samples and instrument.
– Many more advanced features that you’ll discover as you use Kerfuffle Inventor.
Kerfuffle Inventor is compatible with Mac OSX 10.3 or later. Kerfuffle Inventor is available from our store. Kerfuffle Kerfuffle, is a program that let’s you build soundtracks

HitFactor 4.2.0 Crack Full Product Key

HitFactor is a music sequencer that allows users to create WAV songs from custom samples. The program has a small, easy-to-understand interface with an intuitive layout.

Digital tools can help users create music quickly and easily, but novice users may find them a bit intimidating. And although modern computers make it easy to open up a program, operate the mouse, and manipulate digital music, a song can be hard to produce without the right knowledge. Of course, once a user understands how a tool works, he or she can be creative with the music it generates.
The MusicMachines 35 is an all-in-one musical instrument. Its GUI layout places visual elements on the left side of the main window while the digital tools are located on the right. This organization makes for a simpler, more intuitive music creating experience. With the included Librarian software, users can create, save, and share WAV files on the internet.

Using simple controls, the software generates a 16 bar song structure with 2 x 8 bar phrases. This song structure can be broken down and used in multiple songs. The Librarian will save the created files with the.wav extension, but it is possible to save them with other formats using the software’s built-in editor.

Selecting an instrument from the included library is as simple as picking an instrument by name. Currently there are over 300 instruments to choose from and the library is constantly growing.

The Librarian can be used with any music sequencer, or the user can open an existing song and easily change instruments.

MusicMachines 35 is a simple and intuitive music creation software with an all-in-one design that makes creating music simple. The intuitive layout makes creating music simple for users of all skill levels. It supports multiple files with a wide selection of features.

For beginners, a program can be used to mix and arrange drums, strings, pianos, brass, or any other instruments.


16 bar chord-based structures

Import, Export, and Share

Modify, Save, and Randomize

Share with Librarian software

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

Use an instrument library

Select the instruments from an instrument library

Automatically Addin instruments


Add drums

Create chord

Create strings

Create brass

Create the strings and the drums.

What’s New in the?

A lightweight solution for song creation that features a simple and straightforward GUI layout, with the multiple samples employed located in the bottom of the main window, while the equalizer, volume control, and MIDI keyboard elements are placed in an upper central position.    


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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3/i5/i7 (2.4GHz / 3.4GHz or higher)
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 650
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 1GB available space
Additional Notes:
Multi-GPU support is available with NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 and better.
This is an open world environment


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