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7 juin 2022

The HarmonicTune application was designed to be an general purpose chromatic Instrument Tuner. You should be able to tune nearly every kind of instrument with it (including brass, strings, piano, guitars…).
Nevertheless the algorithm for the base frequency detection is not perfect, but I hope to improve it step by step over time. The application is written in C++, uses the libraries « wxWidgets » and « portaudio » and is compiled and organized with the great free IDE « Code::Blocks » using MinGW.
NOTE: only for private, non-commercial use.









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*** The HarmonicTune Torrent Download application was designed to be an general purpose chromatic Instrument Tuner. You should be able to tune nearly every kind of instrument with it (including brass, strings, piano, guitars, organ, etc.).
*** The tuner is able to identify the notes of the instrument, the pitch, the presence of the bass and the treble and the frequency of the notes, the interpolation of missing notes and the polyphony of the instrument.
*** It was developed to be fast and light-weight (it takes less than 2MB of space when installed on the hard disk) and has zero dependencies outside of the free wxWidgets library. It is completely Free Software.
*** It can also be used as an electronic tuning tool of guitars, bass, strings and pianos.
*** It is completely based on the harmonic resonance of the instrument, using the same algorithm as the « Hydra » application, for the tuning of string instruments.
Here is a video tutorial of the application:

All the parts of a musical instrument – beginning with the soundboard, the wood it’s made from, the components inside the instrument, up to the other parts. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to disassemble an electric guitar!
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This is a short video for all of my PianoTune users and new users.
The video shows you how to read and write music using your computer. The video shows you the correct way to set your computer up, and also fine tune your computer using the piano softwares bundled in.
It has example written music, and it also shows you how to find the correct clefs, and how to do barlines using the correct method.
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Used with keyboard macro keys to set parameters or to trigger notes.
Check for more details.
Copy the keymacro.dll into your.exe folder (C:\Documents and Settings\Your UserName\Application Data\Kvamp.net\Setup or
C:\Program Files\Kvamp.net\Setup). If you install the application on your D:\ drive, make sure to create a directory called « Application Data » on your D:\ drive. You should now be able to run the application as a self-contained program (you do not need to install it on the computer that you want to tune).

There is a small program called File KeyMover that will allow you to move files between your local files and the remote folders.
You can download it from the page.
To use this program, run the executable and select the remote folders and local files you want to move. The remote folders will now appear in the left side of the program, and you can drag your files to your computer. If you wish to move your files to a different folder on the remote computer you can click on the desired folder and it will appear in the list on the left of the program. The files you have dragged will be placed in the folder on the remote machine. You can either press the button to cancel the operation, or you can press the button to start the operation. When the operation is complete, it will print out a small receipt. You can then repeat the action by selecting a different remote folder and local folder.
If you want to change the local folder or the remote folders, you must first stop the program, and then you can click the Edit button and make your changes. If you want to change the method you use to transfer files, you must first stop the program, and then you can click the button that says « Settings ». This will open up a new window where you can choose between Local Folders (all the folders you have on your local drive) or Remote Folders (all the folders on the remote drive). The same operation will occur, however, as you change the folder on the remote drive, the files will be moved into the folder you select.
If you want to stop the program, simply press the X button on the keyboard.

This program allows you to quickly download songs from a computer running iTunes using a

HarmonicTune Free Registration Code Free (2022)

The application provides an algorythm to detect the lowest audible note for any sound frequency within a certain range. On screen there are two tuning wheels to control the lowest audible pitch (unison of strings and voices in an instrument) and the lowest pitch you can still hear (another advantage of tuning keyboards is to find out how loud the piano is, how loud is the bass?).
There are ten different chromatic equal temperament tuning systems (the harmonic, the meantone, the just, the temperate, the natural minor, the melodic, the diatonic, the key signature, the reverse, the equal and the minor).

There are five different base frequencies, which can be set to the frequencies of the notes that are considered in the tuning systems. You can enter the target frequencies with the slider, choose an instrument and tune it (or play it, if there is any), repeat the process, choose another instrument, tune it, and so on.

By pressing the button « Learn », the application memorizes the lowest audible pitch of a given instrument (or any sound, but you need to select an instrument for that) and saves it for later use. You can find a hint in the start screen to this effect.

Pressing the button « Edit » allows you to select a previously learned pitch and edit it, e.g. change the base frequency to a different note, or change the lowest audible pitch of the instrument. You can also increase the number of instruments you want to remember, increase the number of targets, and save your settings.

Pressing the button « Save » allows you to save your settings, which can be loaded later and/or copied to other HarmonicTune-instances.

Version 1.0 (20.08.2005)

1. Added HarmonicTune
2. New interactive music player, can be used as instrument tuner. Requires portaudio.

Version 1.5 (25.10.2006)

1. Corrected the base frequency calculation.

Version 2.0 (30.10.2006)

1. Better base frequency calculation.

2. Corrected low audible pitch detection.

3. Added harmonic tuning.
4. Fixed slider positions in the tuner.

5. Added possibility to change the base frequencies from a selection menu.

6. Added possibility to save the settings.

7. Added possibility to change the minimum

What’s New In HarmonicTune?

HarmonicTune is an octave tuner, mainly intended for strings.
It can display a graph of pitch on which the notes are colored in three different colors:
Red for the first frequency.
Green for the second frequency and
Blue for the third frequency.

The left most buttons are used to select the tuning intervals (eg: Bb, Ab, Db…).

While tuning you can select notes on the piano-like keyboard. To do so, press the corresponding key on the keyboard.

To select a particular frequency, press a key « Num » on the keyboard. The frequency can be selected on the display.

Bug reports and feature requests:

For any bug report or feature request, please send me an e-mail at: hank.schreter@gmail.com

Who can use HarmonicTune?

HarmonicTune can be used by everyone. Even you can decide what notes can be used in your tuning, as well as how many frequencies can be displayed.
It can be used to help you tune a friend’s piano. So you can tune an instrument with your phone while sitting on your friend’s piano.

You can also help other musicians to become better musicians by displaying their notes. You will learn as much as they will by displaying their notes.

The application will help you keep your strings in tune, by watching your progress and showing you why and when you should re-tune your strings.


And I have prepared a series of short videos that can be found here:

Videos are in.mov format,
and can be opened with QuickTime player
using « Youtube » on most platforms.

To watch them you need to download QuickTime 7 or later.

How to use HarmonicTune?

HarmonicTune will install itself as an application to your phone or tablet, then will be accessible on the « Applications » tab.


If you want to use HarmonicTune, you first need to install the library « portaudio » on your phone.
You can download the library from

The tuning algorithm of HarmonicTune:

HarmonicTune’s tuning algorithm is based on the « Difference of Squares » algorithm. This algorithm can provide good results for tuning classical strings (using 12 strings). However I am not entirely satisfied with the results (I can improve this algorithm).

Using HarmonicTune on a small instrument:

HarmonicTune can be used to tune an instrument without using the big « magic tuning fork ». To do so, you can just use one of the four tuning buttons. When a note is not in tune, you can use the menu to adjust the octave in which the note is in tune.

System Requirements For HarmonicTune:

OS: Windows 7
Windows 7 Processor: Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4 GHz) / Phenom 9850 (2.3 GHz)
Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4 GHz) / Phenom 9850 (2.3 GHz) Memory: 2 GB
2 GB Graphics: GeForce 8600 GT / Radeon HD 2600 XT
GeForce 8600 GT / Radeon HD 2600 XT Hard Disk: 20 GB
20 GB Resolution: 1024×768
1024×768 Sound Card: Direct X Comp


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