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Falling Night is a collection of Rainmeter and a few Windows skins, all packaged into a single click installer. It’s completely free to use, and has a streamlined interface that’s easy to use and configure. The only limitation is that it requires you to have Java installed.

Once the files are downloaded and extracted, you can find the following folders in the installation folder:

Meter skin
Win styles

Some elements are separated into folders, and others are included in the Meter element.
Slideshow: Contains the following elements:

Reload skin: Adds a new Rainmeter skin, without the need of starting Rainmeter, and restarting it.

Play skins: Adds skins in three categories. Note that you need a Java 1.6 or newer version installed to have these skins run properly.

Skin Manager: The content of this folder is self explanatory, with one exception. No skins are used by default, and a skin needs to be added via Rainmeter. As a result, this folder is not active in the installation process.

The Meter element contains the following elements:


Since you need to access the files directly, it’s best to just double click the file, to open it up.
Slideshow: Contains a custom made slideshow, without any desktop images.
Meter: The default elements of Rainmeter, with two variations. Only one is active, though you can use them both by double clicking on the file.
Skin: The only folder containing more than one element. Weather, Disk, and Network are the only active elements.
Win styles: Those with relevant Window styles are in this folder. To bring them up, simply double click the file.
Slideshow: Contains a slideshow of a few images. This is the same slideshow you see on the file name.

The Meter element does not need to be altered, and can be used without any settings.
Weather: Contains the following elements:


Notes on Rainmeter.org:
In addition to the instructions mentioned in the installation guide, you’ll find additional help inside the INI file, as well as the Rainmeter forums at Rainmeter.org.

Our test:
The only limitation in using this set of Rainmeter elements is

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Falling Night With Registration Code Free (Latest)

Falling Night Rainmeter is a dynamic weather calendar that displays a vibrant, animated rainmeter in the system tray. In addition to the rainmeter, Falling Night supports custom skins for weather units, a total of 12 skins.

Publisher’s Description

Falling Night Rainmeter is a dynamic weather calendar that displays a vibrant, animated rainmeter in the system tray. In addition to the rainmeter, Falling Night supports custom skins for weather units, a total of 12 skins.

What’s new in this version:

– Updated skins

What’s new in version 1.00:

– Custom skins now include individual variations

For users who like to make their own Rainmeter skins, these Rainmeter skins are a great addition to your Rainmeter installation. To install, just drop the skin file onto your desktop. There is a Help file inside the skin zip file that will guide you through the installation process.

If you are new to Rainmeter, then please first read our detailed article on the basics of Rainmeter.

Note: Some skins have been created for our previous version (v1.5.1) in order to facilitate easy installation of Rainmeter v2.

Rainmeter is a desktop application that offers a wide variety of ways to customize your desktop. Rainmeter is an interactive rainmeter (a kind of desktop gadget), that displays a set of customizable elements and buttons in the Windows system tray. Rainmeter is both free and fully customizable.

Rainmeter is packed with great features that you can use to make your desktop look just the way you want it to. You can customize almost every aspect of Rainmeter, such as:

• Displaying icons on your desktop• Displaying weather• Displaying date and time• Displaying currency• Displaying weather• Adding widgets to your desktop• Displays keyboard shortcuts• Displays icons and shortcuts in the system tray• Displays hard drive information• Displays CPU and memory usage• Displays weather• Displays time• Displays the weather• Displays volume• Displays sound• Listening to music with Winamp (for example: Groove or Winamp 5)• Listening to music with Windows Media Player (for example: Groove or Winamp 5)• Listening to music with AIMP (for example: Groove or Winamp 5)• Listening to music with iTunes (for example: Groove or Winamp 5)• Listening to music with Winamp (

What’s New in the?

You’re the ruler of your personal domain. Join the battle against self-doubts and the limits of your imagination!
Software subject to license (us.playstation.com/softwarelicense). Online activity subject to Terms of Services and to relevant user agreement (playstationnetwork.com/terms-of-service). One time license fee entitles play on up to 3 PlayStation® Vita systems activated by this account.

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It all starts with…

Rainmeter is a graphical, interactive and extensible rainmeter that will allow you to customize your desktop.

* An intuitive user interface
* Hundreds of Rainmeter skins and skins variations
* Various skins built by the Rainmeter Community
* A variety of skins built by Rainmeter developers
* A rich rainmeter extension model for your Rainmeter customization
* Numerous rainmeter modules to extend Rainmeter
* Support for multiple languages
* Can be deployed easily to any Windows installation (32 and 64 bits)

Learn Rainmeter in easy steps

Welcome to Rainmeter

Before you can create a rainmeter, you first need to download the Rainmeter Application. For instructions on how to do this, please see the Rainmeter Help.

After downloading Rainmeter, open it, and you will see the Rainmeter home page, as in the image below.

Choose the « Hello Rainmeter! » skin to start your Rainmeter adventure. The Rainmeter main page will open with a new Rainmeter project.

Make a Rainmeter

Now that you’ve downloaded Rainmeter, you can create a rainmeter. You have four options for creating a rainmeter:

Choose the Rainmeter’s default skin (this is the first option).

Choose a skin and a skin variation (this is the second option).

Choose one of many pre-built Rainmeter modules (this is the third option).

Build your own Rainmeter module (this is the fourth option).

Rainmeter’s default skin

Choose « Hello Rainmeter! » as the default skin of your Rainmeter project.

The main page of the Hello Rainmeter project will be opened, where you can see all the elements in the default skin of Rainmeter.

Choose the elements you want to use in your rainmeter. You can either use the elements built-in to Rainmeter, or you can choose the individual elements that

System Requirements For Falling Night:

OS: Windows 7/8
CPU: 2 GHz Processor
HD: 1 GB HD (1.8 GB or higher recommended)
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card with a sound output of minimum 16 bits and 48KHz sample rate
System Resale: At the time of reselling, the minimum system requirement will remain as listed above. However, depending on the situation and environment, the ability to accommodate the


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