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Move & rename pictures, videos and archives easily
The software allows you to move pictures, videos and archives from one location to another. Moreover, the process also includes renaming, resizing and conversion, if that’s what you are looking for.
Isolated information about the file or file name is available to you, which is always handy to keep in mind. You can even create an archive if needed, with the application working with the standard zip file format.
The tool has a handy user interface, which allows you to transfer files between hard disks, while still offering basic features to perform the job in a more effective way.
Transfer files over USB or even from other devices, and you will never run out of time.
Description of the program:
The software allows you to transfer files from one location to another, including moving pictures, videos and archives. This is even possible while maintaining their original file name, resize, convert and even create an archive.

Fantastical 2 Description
Fantastical is a robust and versatile calendar app for iPhone, iPad, and OS X. With Fantastical 2, you can manage your daily schedule in an intuitive, beautiful, and fun way that makes it quick and easy to create events, set reminders, and see your day in a glance.
Fantastical 2’s interface is completely redesigned. Use drag-and-drop to quickly add and move calendar items, events, and resources to create custom schedules and accomplish your goals. The “Today” view is now the default view, with helpful features like a “Today” button, quick events search, and alerts and deadlines.
Go beyond the traditional calendar with enhanced “Link” functionality. Fantastical’s Link engine seamlessly enables you to connect multiple calendars, tasks, contacts, and more together for a single view of your day. The result is an even simpler and more powerful way to manage your life.
Create an event with one tap. Set a reminder and snooze an event. Link calendar items together into a custom event.
Combine multiple events together into a custom event.
See your day in a glance. Calendar, location, and notes are automatically synced to the Today view, so you can see your schedule, schedule of events, and location all in one place.
Grow as you grow. Fantastical 2 includes intelligent day suggestions that adapt to your schedule.
Set recurring events like a weekly or monthly recurring

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A software tool that allows you to play with mouse keys in your web browser. The interface is simple and easy to use. The application responds to mouse movements and key presses and focuses your attention on the content you’re browsing.
Keymacro supports mouse cursor, which makes it useful for any type of browsing. To use it, simply press the “mouse key” button, and all keyboard keys will perform some action on your current web browser window.
Keymacro settings and customization can be adjusted in Keymacro Options. The selection consists of 3 tabs: Basic, Security, and Theme.
Here you can define the default mouse key actions.
This section allows you to set up authentication for your program. The choices are:
Create an account
Set up automatic login
Here you can choose the color themes you want to use. You can change your themes later by clicking on “Options”, and selecting “Theme”.
Basic Features:
There are 6 mouse key actions that can be set as default (F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6). You can add more actions by clicking on “Mouse Keys” and “Add”.
The menu can be set up to open with the last-used mouse key.
You can also set up a new profile or select one of the existing profiles by clicking on “Profile” and then “Profile”.
There are also several key macro options for faster key pressing.
You can have your program autostart when you login, so that you don’t have to click on “Start” to get your mouse working.
You can also have the program authenticate by filling in a username and password.
You can change the password for the program and/or your account at any time by clicking on “Options” and selecting “Change Settings”.
Keymacro allows you to use “Norton Logon” to log on to the internet.
Keymacro stores information about your current web browser. You can access this information by clicking on “Options”, and then “Profile Information”.
There are also various tools that allow you to use “Mozilla Firefox”: you can customize the look and feel of your web browser, change the appearance of the menu and toolbar

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Copy N Size is a picture application that makes it possible to organize images and resize them, while also renaming them. It can be used on the go and it has a small footprint.
A simple interface
Arranging pictures in folders
Resizing images
Copying images from one folder to the other
Filtering images
Changing quality
Adding suffixes or prefixes
Category: Utilities > Image Viewers and Tools
Open SourceQ:

vuejs – vue-router : difference between « . » and « # »

I have been trying to figure out the difference between ‘.’ and ‘#’ but still I am not very sure about them. What is the difference between. and # in vue-router?
The reason I am asking this is I have just finished making a router (with vue-router) and I have seen examples like this:

and this:

So I am really confused and in doubt if the first two are same or are there any differences?
I just want to know if I am missing something?
Thanks a lot


If you have a router-view in your component, it means that the component will be loaded in a new tab of your browser and router-view tag is going to be used to route to that component. So when you add a router-view tag, it’s going to create a new tab in your browser.
On the other hand, when you add a router-view tag with a hash (#) it’s going to create a new tab, but that tab is going to be an iframe. That iframe is going to load your component in that page.
In the second example, what’s happening is that you are creating a new iframe and loading your component in that iframe. The # is being used as an anchor for that iframe. So when you load that iframe, it is going to direct you to that location.
See here for more information about routes.

Charles Peter Barber

Sir Charles Peter Barber (13 September 1871 – 24 November 1960) was a British barr

What’s New In?

The program is a user-friendly application that allows you to organize your photos in the easiest way. It allows you to arrange your pictures in categories, adjust quality settings, and apply filters that can make your pictures look different.
Each file is processed in the background, and there’s no need for you to stay around to monitor the process. The application comes with several features that you can use to your advantage. If you want to use it on the go, you can also benefit from the option to do that.
Create photo book:
Apart from organizing your photos in the easiest way, it also offers you the chance to create a photo book. You can start by selecting the pages, to divide it into sections. In the next step, you have to select and arrange photos, as well as apply different filters to them.
There are several procedures you can use with Copy N Size. The first and most important thing is that it allows you to organize your photos in categories, which helps you to better identify and place the pictures. The program gives you the chance to add files from any folder that you want, as well as rename, change quality settings, and apply filters to your pictures.

Copy N Size All-in-one copy and paste tool is an excellent alternative to other tools available in the market. It can be used to copy and paste many files at once with the help of several features available.

Copy N Size allows you to choose several files and copy all of them at once. It can be used with the help of a dedicated interface and several features, all available at the same time.

Copy N Size is an efficient and practical application that can help you in the process of managing various photo files, especially when you want to move them from one location to another.

Copy N Size allows you to organize your pictures in categories, and it comes with a category manager that can be used to reorder or rearrange them. It can also be used to set picture quality and format, as well as apply filters to your pictures.

Download Copy N Size from Softonic: Windows Software Store

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System Requirements:

Mac OS X
Web Browsers
Please note the browsers compatible with VR Fun Center are the following.
We use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari.
Why do we recommend switching from Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari to Mozilla Firefox?
Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari use high resolution graphics that can be a strain on older PC and Mac computers.
Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari were only released since 2015 so

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