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6 juin 2022

NotesRepair is a handy application that allows you to detect and repair problems with the Lotus Notes client configuration files. Problems that commonly happen with the Lotus Notes client have the following symptoms:
· Memory allocation errors (often called the Red Box of Death)
· File handle errors.
· Database that displays or behaves incorrectly.







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NotesRepair will open an.nsf database file (Lotus Notes client configuration file) and repair a lot of potential problems associated with such a file. It will check for any problems with the data and database fields and field properties for the database, fields, and views of the database. It will display a report with the problems detected. It also detects a lot of problems with the database and displays the repaired results. NotesRepair works even on Novell Notes client versions before 7.5 and also on client versions after 7.5. However, it is not compatible with other Lotus Notes client versions.

You can repair problems with the Lotus Notes client configuration files either by taking a backup of the.nsf file and then running the tool, or you can just open the.nsf file in the Notes client.

NOTE: The NotesRepair tool was not created by SysQuest. Although SysQuest has supplied the source code for the tool, it was created by an independent developer. For more information, please see the Credits page.


The Notes client must be started with the Lotus Notes client installation files.

NotesRepair can repair problems with the Notes client configuration files by using either the Notes client or by using NotesRepair.

NotesRepair works on any Lotus Notes client version. However, it is not compatible with the old Novell Notes client versions before 7.5 and also with the clients after 7.5.

NotesRepair cannot repair any problems that are not identified in the output report.

NOTE: Since the repair of a client configuration file is performed on the computer where the Notes client is running, the Notes client should not be running while the file is being repaired. This could cause loss of data or corruption of the database or file.

During the repair process, the Notes client should be closed.

NOTE: When opening a client configuration file in the Notes client, the name of the file will be replaced by NotesRepair.nsf. The name of the original file is not

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Repair can detect problems with the Lotus Notes client configuration files. It scans for problems with database files (FTSLIB.DB, FFMP.DB), by looking for file handles, memory allocation problems, and broken databases. A database is broken if it does not display or behave as you expect it to.
Repair allows you to repair problems that are detected, by fixing the broken configuration file. If the problem cannot be fixed by repair, then you can manually repair the configuration file by deleting and recreating the configuration file. You can also revert to a previous working state by either backing up the configuration file, or restoring the configuration file from an earlier version of the file.
Repair is not a product replacement. It is a free tool that helps you identify problems with the Lotus Notes client, so that you can fix them.
Repair does not contain a product replacement for the Lotus Notes client, or for EMC Symphony.
If the database displays or behaves as expected, the configuration file appears to be OK. This is the only time that Repair will not indicate any problems.
Repair cannot check the entire client, only for the database files and the selected database.
Repair is a Java application, and needs the Lotus Notes client.
Download Repairent

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NotesRepair Crack+ Download

This application is a GUI for the library of NotesRepair. You can use it as a stand-alone application, but it also can be a part of the NotesRepair distribution. The latest version of the program is v1.7.4.
NotesRepair is able to detect and fix many problems with notes clients (incl. Domino 6.0). Using this application you can:
· Run the program in two modes. Normal mode starts NotesRepair and starts its analysis. When the analysis is finished, the program displays a dialog showing the results. Warning mode runs NotesRepair with no user interface (by using the « Run in background » option in the application options). This mode is used to run NotesRepair without stopping the Notes client.
· Have optional and optionally secure output. When the analysis is done, the program creates a « test » database and presents you with a form that allows you to check the results. The results can be printed, emailed, or saved as a text file.
· Export the results into a database that is then used for the Notes client configuration file repair. The new configuration file can be then be used by the Notes client for the repair.
· Repair a corrupt configuration file. Note that the NotesRepair program does not try to detect all errors. You need to repair the configuration file yourself.
· Use the program to check the quality of your configuration files. This can help you find out what is the cause of the problems you have.
· Open a Help file with the description of how to use NotesRepair (to get an idea what a configuration file really is and how it works).
· Run NotesRepair in the background when you need to use Notes client.
· Use the program as a backup utility. This is useful when you run out of disk space on your Notes client configuration files.
· Use NotesRepair as a regular client on your Notes client server. You can use it to check and repair Notes client configuration files. NotesRepair can be used for this purpose also from the Notes client. In this mode it looks like a Notes client is open.
· Open NotesRepair Help page with description of how to use NotesRepair.
· Use NotesRepair as a system restore utility.
· Use NotesRepair as a program to check the quality of your configuration files.
· Use NotesRepair for test/debugging.
· Use NotesRepair to find/fix a

What’s New in the?

This is the only product of its kind that is a native Lotus Notes application. It has features that are unique to the Notes client.
· Auto-detects common problems with the Notes client.
· Find, repair and move or copy · database files, directories and icons for users and groups.
· Find, repair and move or copy all files, directories and icons for groups.
· Find and fix problems with Notes client.
· Find and repair problems with the Notes database.
· Look for missing icons for users, groups, mail folders, databases and inboxes.
· Reset the database icon to its original state.
· Repair database brokenness, including unsaved objects, change mail folders, deleted mail and deleted databases.
· Repairs configuration files and their dependencies (libraries) and permissions.
· Repairs configuration files and removes temporary files after fixing the problems.
· Repairs other configuration files: extensions, plugins, profiles, security profiles, security groups and security objects.
· Repairs some properties of the database.
· Find and repair errors in the configuration files of Notes administration tasks.
· Remove the « cannot delete object » or « cannot delete database » errors that occur when you try to remove an object or a database.
· Repairs database permissions.
· Repairs connections to the Internet.
· Repairs clients (libraries).
· Repairs the database itself.
· Repairs the Notes client security configuration.
· Repairs the Notes client preferences.
· Repairs problems with the browser interface.
· Repairs problems with the mail client interface.
· Repairs problems with the text and mail editors.
· Repairs the Lotus Notes client history.
· Repairs the activation and log files.
· Repairs the databases themselves.
· Resets mail and mailbox folders.
· Repairs the state of the Notes mailboxes.
· Repairs the mail access of users.
· Repairs the mail access of groups.
· Repairs the mail access of databases.
· Repairs the mail access of mail items.
· Repairs the mail access of contacts.
· Repairs the mail access of messages

System Requirements For NotesRepair:

The minimum system requirements (hardware and software) for the ClickBank-App are the following:
Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/10 64-bit (recommended)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, 3 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
HDD: 20 GB free space (at least)
Graphics: 256 MB compatible DirectX 9 graphics card
Networking: Broadband Internet connection
Minimum System Requirements (Browser):
The minimum system requirements (hardware and software) for

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