Don 039;t Sleep

6 juin 2022

Various applications out there forcefully want to restart or shut down your computer in order to finish particular tasks, but you might not yet be ready for it. As such, Don't Sleep comes as a tiny but powerful application that prevents your computer from shutting down or initiating any other power-related action.
Quick and easy action selection
This program doesn't require any installation, so that means it is portable. In other words, your Windows registry entries will remain unchanged, but you can also place the tool on an external device and run it on any other computer.
The user interface of Don't Sleep consists of a small window in which you can select your "blocking" preference – standby, hybrid standby or hibernation, block shutdown, log off, screensaver or turn off monitor. When done, you can leave it in the tray area, with options to quickly toggle the state of functions from the corresponding tray icon.
Customize prevention methods
Furthermore, you can schedule a "blocking" task at a specific date and time, as well as select the action – exit and stop blocking, exit and shutdown, exit and aggressive shutdown, exit and standby or hibernation, disable blocking.
In addition, you can set a screensaver timeout, as well as a time for the application to start running. Plus, you can access some Windows utilities such as 'Task Manager' and 'Power Config'.
Don't Sleep uses a very low amount of system resources. Although it is simple to use even by individuals who are not accustomed to this type of program, there is no help file available (for instance, to explain the difference between 'shutdown' and 'aggressive shutdown').
To end with
All in all, Don't Sleep provides a great solution for when the computer automatically restarts or enters an idle state. It comes with a variety of features which let you specify actions to take when encountering particular events, being worth your while in the end.


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What’s New in the?

Don’t Sleep is a utility program for all Windows users who don’t want their PC to shut down automatically, or in any other way. If you are annoyed by the fact that your PC is going down without your permission, Don’t Sleep is for you.
What's in this version:
For Windows XP users, we have now introduced an integrated "media control panel", with which you can control your screensaver, your volume, or even your screen color, and much more.
In addition, a special feature has been added: there is now an option to re-enable blocking after it has been deactivated for a given period of time. This feature is configurable.
What’s new in this version:
-A function for re-enabling blocking when it was disabled for more than 24 hours.
-A special entry on the Options dialog which allows you to set a time for the program to start running.
-A checkbox that lets you choose whether a notification window will appear when the blocking function is deactivated or removed.
-Added a special button that, when pressed, will allow you to reset your screensaver timeout (also configurable).
-Several fixes.

What's new in this version:
-Various improvements.
What's new in this version:
-Added a « Don’t sleep » icon.
-Included a special option in the Settings dialog for Windows XP users: the option to set a screensaver timeout in the absence of the screensaver function.
-Fixed a number of small issues.

No more PC turned off at the end of each day!
Sleepy, your PC will not start shutting down or waking up automatically. Now you can schedule a specific time for the PC to wake up and no longer be subjected to the bad habit of turning it off by accident at the end of the day.
Don’t Sleep™ is designed to be easy to use for everyone and includes special features that make it ideal for those with special needs.
You can quickly configure it to perform specific functions when one of the following events occur:
– An idle state occurs. This means the computer is turned off and there is no input activity for 30 minutes or more.
– The computer is turned on for a long time, such as at night.
– The computer is turned off unexpectedly, such as at the end of the day.
In addition, you can change the behavior of the program. This means you can decide whether or not you want to turn off your computer when a specific task has been completed. Don’t Sleep also has the ability to prevent your computer from waking up or shutting

System Requirements For Don 039;t Sleep:

1. Internet connection
2. Required device specifications:
3. iOS, Android or Google Play version: 4.3 or higher
Recommended device specifications:
1. iOS, Android or Google Play version: 8.0 or higher
3.1.1: If the device does not support 4K playback (or other high resolution video content) or the mobile browser does not support 4K playback (or other high resolution video content), then the video content is shown in 1080p (or other standard definition) resolution in a 480p

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