15minutes Free [Mac/Win] [March-2022]

6 juin 2022

The 15minutes application was developed to be a productivity tool inspired by pomodoro technique. One way to fight procrastination is to just start working on something for a fixed, short amount of time. It’s known as time boxing or pomodoro technique.
Time boxing requires a timer and 15minutes is just that: a timer. You start the timer and when it’s done, it gets your attention.







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When you open 15minutes Cracked Accounts, you are presented with 3 icons on the screen: On, Off and Themes. If you tap the On icon, you can see the time and also change the theme. If you don’t have an alarm set up you can also start the timer by tapping the on icon and start counting down from 15.
You can tap the Off icon to turn the timer off, which prevents the timer from counting down. If you tap the Themes icon, you can change the theme.
– Have the app launch when your phone starts, whether it is on or not.
– Easily change the application’s theme with one tap.
– Use the timer with an on/off status indicator.
– Have the timer countdown from 15 or a custom number.
– Set alarm to start timer for a fixed amount of time.
– Get the current time for the countdown.
– Get the current date for the current time.
– Option to set alarm at 15 minute interval.
– Option to set alarm at 30 minute interval.
– Option to have the alarm play a tone.
– Option to stop the alarm.
– Option to snooze alarm.
– Option to change a small detail in the theme.
– Option to change a larger detail in the theme.
– Option to turn off wifi or mobile data.
– Option to turn on airplane mode.
– Option to change volume.
– Option to share an update.
How to use the 15minutes Serial Key application:
– Tap the On icon, the 15minutes app will launch
– Tap the Off icon to turn the 15minutes app off.
– Tap the Themes icon, change the theme.
– Tap the On icon, the time will begin counting down
– Set an alarm by tapping the On icon and a countdown will begin.
– While the alarm is still playing, the on/off status indicator will be blue
– Tap the Off icon to end the alarm
– To stop the timer at any time, tap the Off icon. To pause, tap the On icon
– You can also snooze an alarm by tapping the On icon, then tap the Off icon.
– You can also change the alarm time, snooze time, share a new update and change the theme by tapping the On icon.
– The Timer will be turned off automatically when the phone is locked.
If you have

15minutes [Win/Mac] (April-2022)

1. Start/Stop Timer
2. Timer
3. Clock
4. Camera
5. Date/time
6. Log
7. Sms
8. Email
9. Twitter
10. Clock
11. Autorun
12. New project
13. Shutdown
14. Mini Saver
15. Autorun
16. Connect
17. Locator
18. Twitter (to install the Twitter app)
19. Sms
20. Email (to install the Mail app)
21. Autorun
22. Uplaod/Download
23. App Info
24. New project
25. Shutdown
You can check out the documentation at

***Creative Hackers***

An evolution of the 12pm app. The 12pm application allows you to set notifications for a number of different things at your discretion. It’s created to be a productivity tool inspired by pomodoro technique. It will notify you whenever it feels that you’re procrastinating and don’t want to start working on something. But the other way it notifies you is when you’re almost done with something that’s not finished yet. You can save your productivity time by setting up a timer for a number of different things such as creative hack and pomodoro technique. The creative hack is a way of hacking an iPhone or an Android device and doing something creative. You can choose from a number of different topics to make things interesting for you. The pomodoro technique is a productivity method that was originally developed by Francesco Cirillo. You start working for 25minutes, stop for 5 minutes, start working again for 25minutes, and it repeats until you reach the 25 minutes you planned on spending. And just like the 12pm, it’s created to remind you to focus on what you want to do.
KEYMACRO Description:
1. Start/Stop Timer
2. 12
3. 12pm
4. Notifications
5. Settings
6. Clock
7. Mini Saver
8. Sms
9. Email
10. Clock
11. Autorun
12. New project
13. Shutdown
You can check out the documentation at


– set a timer for 15 minutes
– No distractions, no notifications
– Set it up on your phone, desktop or using a cron job
– Monitor your time, don’t check your time
– I designed 15minutes to be a productivity tool, but you can use it to check if your timer is counting up. You can also use it for time tracking.
– Use it in 4 main ways:
1. Monitor your time:
– Dashboard view, shows how much time you have left
– Hide time if you are ready to start working
– Locks your screen when you start your timer
– Clears your timer when you are done
– When the 15minutes timer runs out, it rings for you.
2. Start a new timer:
– You can define a new timer when you are already working on something
– Start your timer when you are finished with your current task.
– A popup will remind you that you are not allowed to start a new timer.
3. Accumulate Time:
– You can check your total time spent on a task
– You can change the total time per task by toggling the slider
4. Hide time spent on tasks:
– Hide time spent on a task
– You can set a time limit to hide the time. If you are not done within the limit, your timer will reset.
– The limit can be set in the toggle in the start and stop time, or the maximum time, which will reset the timer, regardless of time left.
– You can set a short time limit (e.g. 30 seconds). That timer will reset even if you are still working on the task.
– This means you can leave your task without finishing it if you are in the middle of it.
– One thing to be aware of is that some things can take a long time. You should be careful not to set the time limit too short because the timer will lock up. You can also set the timer to lockup and give a warning.
– In this case, you are still working but the timer will ring when you’re done.
5. Stop Time:
– You can stop a timer, if you are not finished with the task.
– It’s also possible to save a timer, so that you can stop a timer later. You can save the timer by pressing’save’, it will be saved to the ‘timer save’ option

What’s New In?

15minutes is a simple, yet powerful application that helps you get your most important task done. 15minutes is inspired by the pomodoro technique and is designed to help you focus. It’s a timer with a powerful reminder. Once the timer is on, your screen will turn black, the message will appear and you will be taken back to the task list to start a new countdown.

The app offers many features to help you achieve your goals. You can set reminders, set daily targets and get visual feedback from the app.


15minutes Features:

Timers – Set reminders, daily targets or set one-off reminders

Task list – Add a task or take a to-do item from the task list

Reminders – Set reminders when the timer is on

Visual feedback – See the remaining time of the task, the amount of time left or how much time has passed

Daily Targets – Set daily targets and get a visualization of your progress

Task todo – Easily add a task from the todo list

To-do – Easily add a todo or note from the todo list

Status Messages – See your tasks status

Forum – Share your progress with the community

15minutes has been a personal productivity tool for me for many years. It’s where I take my tasks to-do and the list of things to accomplish every day. It’s also where I keep my daily calendar.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the pomodoro technique or how to box your time. A quick reminder before you start:

« The pomodoro technique, originally developed in Italy and widely used to fight procrastination, is a time management technique based on working for short periods of time followed by brief rest breaks. It was designed to be a game-changing strategy for busy people. Pomodoro’s popularity resulted in the development of many different time management systems based on the pomodoro technique. »

I’m always grateful for every one that uses the 15minutes app and supports the developer. Your feedback and suggestions are valuable.


I love the use of the « pomodoro » time boxing system in this app.
I find it easy to keep track of my time in this way and to keep on track with my work, but would be interested to know how many people use the pomodoro technique when trying to kick-start their day, ie at 5.15 am in the morning.
I know I find it hard to get started in the morning. It is either too early or too late for me, or I just wake up too late. I sometimes find it easier to start my day around 7.00 am, but that is a bit late.

Anyway, I will play around with

System Requirements:

Install the game in the following path:
M:\Steam\steamapps\common\Farming Simulator
A full uninstall of Farming Simulator 19 is advised.
PlayStation 4
A PlayStation®4 system that is connected to the internet via broadband is required to play Farming Simulator 19. The installer will download additional content from PlayStation®Network. If you do not already have a PlayStation®Network account, you will need to register one.
The minimum system requirements are:
Processor: Intel Core i3 Processor, 2.5GHz


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