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5 juin 2022

Hotsalu – Console Command line Tools

Console Commands is a command-line
applications scripting application that started out as a personal project at
Mascot Software, now a division of RedToad Technologies. Its goal is to provide
a powerful scripting environment that’s light-weight enough to load into the
command line window.
It attempts to make the
user’s life easier by giving him a set of powerful commands in a friendly
interface. It cde4edac5b

Ulysse Nardin Ireland Launch

Press Release – Udine Nardini

To mark the first Ireland collection of the year, Ulysse Nardin launched its innovative range of jewellery that is inspired by Ireland and the Emerald Isle’s famous flags. The 54 piece Irish collection is displayed at shop one of the twenty-five stores of jewelry in world-famous jewellery brand Ulysse Nardin.

The range of jewellery reflects

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