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5 juin 2022

Jihosoft WhatsMate is a lightweight Windows application designed to back up and restore Whatsapp conversations, attachments, contacts and calls. It supports Android and iOS devices. The tool also has features for transferring Whatsapp information between any two devices connected to the same computer, as well as for recovering lost or deleted Whatsapp data from a device.
Back up, restore, transfer and recover deleted Whatsapp information
Following a simple setup operation that shouldn't give you any trouble, you're welcomed by a clean and intuitive window that shows the four components of the application: backup, restore, transfer, and recovery.
To get started, it's necessary to plug in your Android or iOS device into the computer after enabling USB debugging mode. Note that the application only works with rooted devices. Also, it requires superuser permissions to be able to analyze smartphone for Whatsapp-related information.
Supports only rooted Android smartphones and iPhone
The scanning operation shouldn't take long, after which Jihosoft WhatsMate lists the charts, contacts and calls in separate areas. You can check out the content of each conversation, name and phone number of the other person, along with the date of the conversation. Exchanged images, videos or GIF animations can be previewed too.
When it comes to contacts, you can view the name, phone number and status. As for calls, the tool displays the name and phone number of the other person, along with the date and type of call (incoming, outgoing). By default, all items are selected for backup but you can exclude anything you don't want. After indicating the saving directory, the application performs the backup and offers to open the destination folder for inspection.
The restore and recovery process is similar. Worth noting is that you can restore either a full Whatsapp backup to your device or simply extract the exact information you need. For transfers, you just have to plug in a second device into the computer and select the transfer mode by flipping the source and destination device.
Easy-to-use Whatsapp manager for Android and iOS
The tool worked smoothly on Windows 10 in our tests. We spent little time configuring the devices in order to facilitate computer access. All aspects considered, Jihosoft WhatsMate offers a simple and straightforward solution for managing Whatsapp information. However, it supports only rooted devices.

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Saves and restores Whatsapp conversations, attachments, contacts and calls on Android and iOS smartphones.
Includes features for transferring Whatsapp information between any two devices connected to the same computer.
Can recover deleted and lost Whatsapp information from a device.
Configures devices for USB debugging.
Backup and restore all Whatsapp contacts and calls.
Transfer and recover deleted Whatsapp conversations.
Can transfer the Whatsapp contacts and calls between two devices.
Supports all Android and iOS devices.
Allows users to root Android smartphones.
An Android smartphone or iPhone running iOS 10 or newer
A PC with dual-boot system installed
Rooted Android or iPhone
1 GB RAM or more
USB 2.0 port
1. Download and Install WhatsMate on Windows 10
1.1 Download and install WhatsMate on your PC. Once it is completed, start the program.
1.2 Check for the configuration, then configure and select any options.
2. Transfer and recover Whatsapp information between Android and iOS devices
2.1 Start the program and select Android or iOS as the source device.
2.2 Select the backup and recovery folder, if necessary.
2.3 Check the apps and plug-ins to make sure they are compatible.
2.4 Flip on the source and destination devices.
2.5 Open the destination folder on your PC and preview the files. If needed, select the files, folders, and sub-folders that you want to copy.
2.6 Start copying the files from the backup folder to the destination folder on your PC.
2.7 When the copying is finished, open the destination folder and preview the restored files and folders.
2.8 Check and select the apps and plugins you want to include.
2.9 Click the Backup and Restore button to create the backup.
2.10 Save the backup to your PC.
2.11 Start the recovery process.
2.12 Choose the saved backup to restore the files, folders, and sub-folders.
2.13 Choose the apps, plug-ins, and settings you want to restore.
2.14 Click the Start button.
2.15 When the recovery process is finished, click the Open button to open the destination folder on your PC.
2.16 Check the files and folders that have been restored, then save them in the backup folder.
3. Transfer and recover Whatsapp information between

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The key features of WhatsMate:
* Backup of Whatsapp conversations to your computer
* Restore of deleted Whatsapp conversations to your device
* Transfer of Whatsapp conversations between your computer and your device
* Recovery of lost or deleted Whatsapp conversations
Other features of WhatsMate:
* Backup of Whatsapp conversations to your computer
* Restore of deleted Whatsapp conversations to your device
* Transfer of Whatsapp conversations between your computer and your device
* Recovery of lost or deleted Whatsapp conversations
* Rooted devices (The app will not work with non-rooted Android and iOS devices.)
* The Jihosoft WhatsMate Cracked 2022 Latest Version application on your computer
* A second device to use to transfer your Whatsapp conversations
* The WhatsMate application on the second device
* A micro SD card (optional)
* Computer/Mac
* Android
* iOS
* Whatsapp
* WhatsMate
Source: CNET

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What’s New In Jihosoft WhatsMate?

Recover deleted Whatsapp information from Android smartphone and iOS device


Return Policy :

We want you to love it. If you don’t, you may return your purchase within 30 days of delivery. All you need to do is visit our Self-Service Return Center for instructions. Return credits are issued within 24 hours once the item is received and inspected. Please note that shipping charges are non-refundable. The cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund. Read More

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System Requirements For Jihosoft WhatsMate:

– Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
– Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or greater
– Core i5-750
– Intel Haswell i5-4590
– Intel Core i7-4790
– 2 x 1TB (or greater) SATA-III Hard Drives
– At least 7400rpm Hard Drive
– 3.5″ / 2.5″ (external) Hard Drive
– Sound Card with 5.1ch


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