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4 juin 2022

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Keynote Address: The speaker will speak for about 45 minutes on the topic « Get with the times: SME Survival in the 21st Century ».
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Found the correct solution in the logs:
15:03:17,112 – EXCEL – We couldn’t locate enough shared data to share the file as a ‘community file’ with all ‘Reviewers’ assigned.

and later:
15:03:44,986 – EXCEL – We could not find a shared file to do this operation.

The problem was this log entry:
15:03:44,986 – EXCEL – We could not find a shared file to do this operation.

The reason for that was the fact that in the short time span of the developer test the revlib.js was reloaded. The problem seems to be an intermittent but frequent one and it caused the revlib.js to be reloaded sometimes.
My solution for it is to limit the time between loading revlib.js to a given time:
if (rm.started) {
‘Starting normalization in’+ clockFormat(start) + ‘…’
// Start timer for normalizing files.
var timeStamp = new Date().getTime();
rm.startRevlib = timeStamp;
‘Normalization started in’+ clockFormat(timeStamp) + ‘…’


Full disclosure: I work for Aspose as a Sr. Support Engineer.
We have moved on from the issue that you have reported, so this is fixed now.
If you provide your email id, you will get a notification mail regarding the same.

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