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30 mai 2022

NppToR is a handy plugin for Notepad++. It is designed to convert R code syntax into a Notepad++ syntax.
With this tool, you can now use the Notepad++ syntax of code editing in R environment for more professional development.
– Provides R language syntax highlighting, code folding, and auto-completion
– Provides Rgui style code passing between Notepad++ and the Rgui
– The cursor focus is automatically moved from the Notepad++ editor to the Rgui.
– Supports Rgui.
– Supports Rgui 1.7 or later.
– It is compatible with Notepad++ 2.9 or later.
Unzip and put the unzipped file to the Notepad++ plugins folder. The default location for the plugin is « C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins ».
Plugin Licence
You can use the NppToR in your free time. However, you should make it known to us if you modify the source code of the plugin. We shall change the licence to the GPL (GNU Public License) if you do this.
Please do not hesitate to contact us by email at
We can reply to your messages with details of the problems, etc.
If you speak another language, please translate the plugin into your language. You can find the plugin installed folder « C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins ».
For more information, contact us at
What’s New
Version 2.10 – 2018-05-21
– Refined the colour of the comment line
– Refined the colours of the comment line
– Fixed the problems caused by the changes in Windows 10.
Version 2.9 – 2017-09-22
– Fixed a problem that the performance is slow during the NppToR execution
– Fixed a problem that the colours of the comment line were not correctly changed.
Version 2.8 – 2017-09-09
– Supports Rgui 1.7
– The colours of the line are changed with the defaults
Version 2.7 – 2016-09-09
– Supports Rgui 1.6
– Supports Rgui 1.5
– Supports Rgui 1.4
– Supports Rgui 1.3
– Supports Rgui 1.2
– Supports Rgui 1.1 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is a simple utility that permits you to perform basic keyboard functions in an easy way. It does not require any installations, you can start using it just in an instant.
Main features:
1- Easy installation
2- Allows you to add more programs
3- Automatic start up
4- Keyboard macro generation
5- Keyboard commands
6- Allows to use a number of key presses, without leaving the program
7- Allows to configure and save the options as an XML file
8- Allows the use of mouse (only Windows XP)
9- A number of system and language options
10- Can be run as a service or from a shortcut
11- Language selection
12- Control settings
13- Keymap selection
14- Language selection
15- Select the program to run in the absence of the application
16- Import and export of settings
17- Auto Start

Version 3.7.2 of SoftXpand 2 is an update for SoftXpand 2. SoftXpand 2.0 is a comprehensive software application that permits multiple users to run multiple interactive desktops on the same machine using the same resources and drivers.
The most notable improvement in this version is the introduction of a new mode, « split screen » mode. Another significant addition is the improved performance of the integrated window manager.
SoftXpand 2 is an application that takes advantage of the graphics card of the host machine. It is a very light-weight program that does not affect performance and is run on low RAM but high CPU.
SoftXpand 2, also known as Split Screen Manager, is a convenient tool to run multiple interactive desktops, or « workspaces, » on the same computer using the same resources and drivers.
To install SoftXpand 2, simply double click on the.sit file and follow the on-screen instructions. The installation procedure is a fast and easy job that shouldn’t require too much attention. As for the interface, SoftXpand 2 adopts a regular window that shows the status of the host PC and each workstation connected.
Any workstation can be stopped or reset while the application can be disabled.
Easily set up accounts for multiple users
In order to work with this app, each user must have his own monitor, keyboard, mouse and account. The tool pops up a simple dialog to assign accounts to detected mice and keyboards.
In addition, you can assign the

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