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29 mai 2022

Keymacro is an economical and easy to use macro recorder, designed to simplify the creation of macros for your keyboard.
With Keymacro you can record and play back your most important and frequent keyboard tasks. This way, you can enjoy these actions, by being able to re-trigger them in order to perform the same actions quickly.
You can also stop the recording whenever you need to, saving both memory space and time.
You can make the recording with up to four languages and it can record audio clips up to 20 seconds each. After that, Keymacro will automatically delete the oldest recording and start a new one.
Another feature that makes Keymacro special is the fact that you can use it as a keylogger. When the recording is activated, it captures the activity of the keys you press.
When recording, Keymacro saves the information in a CSV file, which you can later open and analyze. Besides that, Keymacro can send a file containing all the details about the captured events to an email address.
The interface of Keymacro is very simple and intuitive. Just click on the « Recording » button on the main toolbar to start or stop the recording, and click on the « Preview » button to see what you are recording.
Keymacro can be configured to record automatically, whenever you are logged in to your computer, or you can choose a specific time for recording. You can set Keymacro to stop recording at any time and you can also define the duration of the recording in minutes or seconds.
Keymacro is available in 3 different versions: Basic, Premium and Enterprise. Each one offers different functionalities, but they are all compatible.
In order to make the software run smoothly and faster, the program uses up to 2GB of disk space.
To stop the recording, just click on the « Stop » button or press the « Esc » key.
KEYMACRO Requirements:
Requires Windows 10 64bit
Keymacro is compatible with Windows 7 and later.
Download Keymacro (4.32 MB)
Download the Keymacro trial version and experience the first hand how easily you can record and replay your most important and frequent keyboard tasks.
Download Keymacro Premium (9.75 MB)
The Premium edition includes some new features, like the ability to record and replay keystrokes in real time, save and delete recorded keys in the application, and use more keys to create macros.
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XSheet is a free Java implementation of the Excel-API standard, featuring a simple yet powerful interface, supporting both input and output to multiple file formats, including XML, CSV and Excel

Notable Features:

Integrates easily into your existing workflow, allowing you to perform tasks from any command line, shell or scripts
Creates output that conforms to the xlsx and xls file formats
Allows import and export of data to multiple formats including CSV, Excel, XML and PPT
Supports formulas that perform column/row/sheet searching and cell to cell sorting
User friendly interface that allows data input directly from the command line, from shell scripts or from the command prompt
Produces Excel 2007 format
Supports sorting, copy/paste, color and font selection
Various chart options
Supports macros
Supports latest-generation SSD disks
Supports an in-memory cache for improving the performance of cell-searching operations
Supports formulas for automatic formula generation
Supports functions for complex calculations
Supports custom code for user-defined functions
Supports sorting by formulas, which works even if formulas are invalid
Supports the following functions: abs(x) abs(x) min(x,y) max(x,y) prod(x,y) sum(x,y) mean(x,y) stdev(x,y) stddev(x,y)
Supports custom functions (user defined functions)
Implements the X11 clipboard mechanism
Supports splitting the display into many windows, panes, panes with title bar, for easier access
Supports Excel 2007 format
Supports calculations for standard numbers
Supports the following formats for formulas and graphs:

Formulas: Excel, CSV, XML, PPT
Graphs: PNG, SVG, EPS
Charts: PNG, SVG, EPS
The following file formats are also supported for data import and export:

Text files: TXT, CSV, RTF, HTML
Audio: MP3
Video: FLV, MP4, AVI, MPG, MPV, MP3, MP4, MOV, WMV

Similar Software:

Good Article:


It seems like XSheet is the closest you can get to Excel. I found that functionality lacking for some reasons. If you

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