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27 mai 2022

Your computer seems to be a little slow? You want to look for the right files on your computer? What if you want to delete all the files older than 10 days? What about taking a screenshot?
What if you have to change the settings of your operating system? What if you want to know the properties of a file or directory, which utilities you have installed, which folders are hidden or open?
For all these questions and more, FePsTools is the solution. Get rid of your time-consuming tasks and rely on FePsTools to take care of all the OS administration you need. Create your own commands that save you time and get rid of the redundant operations.
FePsTools Features:
Rufus Uninstaller – Remove Applications Easily

CliPartition is a tiny and fast utility for partitioning. With CliPartition you can create, move, or resize partitions on your local computer. It supports GPT and MBR disk layouts. You can change the size of the partition, change the name of the partition, change the size of the volume that it is contained in, create a new partition and hide or show the partitions.

Utilities Software

Nagios Network Monitoring
Nagios Network Monitoring will keep an eye on the health of your network devices by sending SNMP traps when a certain condition occurs. If an event occurs on a network device, it will send out a SNMP trap via the local network. Nagios Network Monitoring will then be able…

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Utilities Software

Freeware A complete and feature-rich solution for creating presentations with all kinds of professional content, e.g. slides, images, charts, etc. with an attractive presentation theme and professional 2D or 3D animations. For anyone who needs to create presentations. Presenter…

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Utilities Software

Namechk Free
Namechk is a utility which will let you check and repair your Windows registry. The program will scan the entire registry and will flag up any problems. You are then given the option to fix any errors found….

Utilities Software

Unix User & Group Management
Unix User & Group Management will allow you to manage users and groups on Unix servers from one place. You can create and delete users, groups, and user or group permissions. Also you can check who is logged in or who is the owner of a directory 0cd6e936a3

winEx is a useful application that will enable you to perform driver testing, for example, to replace faulty driver files with working DLLs in case an application is malfunctioning.
The winEx program is able to handle DL_, EX_ and SY_ files. In the left column you can view the compressed items, while the right one is reserved for the expanded files.


The solution is WinEx
Tested on Windows 10
– Complete solution: select the files to extract/inspect, choose the destination folder and the program will start in a fraction of a second, including the extraction/inspection of all files.
– Detect any invalid driver file: the program will detect any DL_ file, especially problematic dll files that do not contain a specific string.
– Export dlls to your PC: the program allows you to choose the export destination folder.

1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for measuring fluid levels in a vessel. More particularly, the present invention relates to a method and apparatus for measuring fluid levels in a vessel without the use of a float.
2. Description of the Related Art
It is often necessary to accurately measure the amount of liquid in a vessel, such as a pot, kettle, or bucket, in order to regulate the level of the liquid in the vessel. It is also often desirable to do so without using a float or other mechanical device. For example, in a home where a large kettle is used for making tea, accurate monitoring of the level of tea in the kettle is necessary in order to determine when to replenish the tea. Similarly, accurate monitoring of the level of liquid in a bucket may be necessary to ensure that the liquid is being carried out of the bucket so as to avoid overflowing.
One approach to measuring liquid levels is to use a hydrometer. A hydrometer is a device that contains a pair of diametrically opposed windows that are immersed into a liquid. The hydrometer is spun by a person holding it by the handles, and the angle of the windows with respect to the horizontal plane is measured. The angle of the windows is then correlated to the percentage of the density of the liquid. The liquid is either dried or weighed in order to determine the density of the liquid, and a correlating percentage is computed. The hydrometer is then read on a linear or circular scale to determine the level of liquid in the vessel. The

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